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"turned on" kitten

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Hi, I am new to this site.
My name is Christal, I am from Texas. I have 6 cats total. I have 2 older calico cats, one is 16 years old and one is 4, another is about 6 months old and just got spayed. It's like the spaying just didn't slow her down. I have a male kitten(Smeagol) and he is about 4 months old. She tries to intice him to get on her and "do the bad thing!" I don't understand why she is still so "turned on!' She shouldn't be. She meows and cries and rolls all over the place. Wakes me up at all hours of the night sounding like a screaming baby. I don't know what to do or how to calm her down. I stuck her in the bathtub(she likes water) and to see if that would calm her down...it did for a little while but right when she got out, she started up again. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! This is driving me crazy and I don't understand what else the cat needs or wants!!

Thanks in advance.
Christal(from Texas)
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I would give her time, it takes awhile for the hormones to work out of their system. If you are really concerned, then take her back to the vet for a recheck and ask him if it is possible that he missed something.
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Christal -
Welcome to The Cat Site!

I just wanted to tell you that he had a female in the shelter that acted all horney for a month after spayed. She was howling, and crying, and rolling and climbing frantically up the nets, but finally - she calmed down. Not to alarm you, but we're talking almost 2 months.
It didn't just stop one day - just a bit each week.

Please be patient, she must be confused herself...

(p.s. I LOVE the name Smeagol! my favorite move in the world )
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Alright, she is now knocking down stuff jumping around driving me crazy this morning once again, it's like the only thing that calms her down now is to be outside. All she does once she is out there is stare boats going by or something.(live on a lake)Of course I am patient but my husband is not. He doesn't understand that it's not Sox(calico kitten) fault in this matter. How do I make him understand, he believes that she should be punished for her "misbehavior!" But I understand it's not her fault so I try to tell him, what I say doesn't work. Have any ideas to help me out here?

Thanks for the info!!
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Please don't let your husband punish this cat or any other. Cats are not dogs and do not respond well to punishment of any sort.

If Smeago doesn't have a cat condo, or cat perch near a window, get one for her. She will calm down when she can get high up and not be distrurbed. If you have a shelf in a room where she is and you can clean off that shelf and make it hers, that will help.

You can also invest in a comfort zone feliway plug-in they work great for to calm down cats. You can find one on the internet at any store that carries Farnum Pet Products.

Find a fairly large cardboard box, flip it upside down, cut a few holes in it (off the floor level) that your cat can pass through, cut the flaps off the top, throw a few ping pong balls inside, and let her work off her energy that way.
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Her name is Sox that is having the problem. She has a few play toys, two live ducklings are her favorite. Ever since she was born and the duckling, they sleep together. Do you think since now I keep the ducklings outside, maybe she is lonely. Right when my door opens she runs outside and just sits there and stares at them, lays next to them or whatever. But when it's time to go in she just goes crazy. Could it be that she is also lonely and that she needs to sleep with her bed buddies?

Thanks in advance
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