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Just got my kitten desexed...

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And the vet said she should be fine but had been very quiet and that she would be quite drowsy for at least tonight, and probably won't be very active.

She got done this morning, I just picked her up this afternoon...

And as soon as we got home she went nuts! She's acting like nothing is wrong, bouncing around, chasing imaginary things, attacking our feet...

She's not drowsy at all! What is with my cat!

They told me I need to keep her from getting over excited until they take the stitches out, I don't know how I can do that, she doesn't seem to care at all that she's just had surgery!
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I heard Cleo my kitten was the same way.
Not sure what the vreeder did to stop her.
My other cat has surgery on monday.
Can you put her in the bathroom?
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I'm afraid to let her in the bathroom. It'll only lead to her jumping in and out of the bathtub and jumping up and climbing all over the counters. No matter what room I put her in, she'll find someway to bounce about. The only time you can stop her from running around like a nutter is by putting her in her cage...
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Can you put her in the cage for a few days?
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The same thing happened with my mum's cat, now 17, once our cat. Long story. Anyway when I picked her up at the vets they told me to keep her quiet. She used to sleep in the laundry so I put her in there & even though she was unsteady she jumped up onto the hot water heater.
Then there's Blossom. The vet I took her to keeps them in over night. So when I picked her up the next morning she was fully awake. Same thing said, keep quiet. She wouldn't stop jumping all over the place. I had to lay her cat tree on its side. When she got too bad I used to put her in her crate. She would lick her stitches & one came out & I had to take her back & they put in a staple & sold me an elizabethan collar. She didn't touch them again so I didn't use it. It was the longest 10 days of my life.
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Yep, seems the younger they are, the less they want to settle down. Daphne was after her stitches as soon as she could. Had to wear the collar and she still wanted to play all the time. Amazing!
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Sometimes I swear the cats know exactly what you say. I find it funny when a vet says "now keep them quiet".....yeah right. If its a young kitten they tend to bounce back quickly.

I would confine her to a room where she can't do a lot of jumping or running around for the next few days and keep an eye on the stitches.
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I'm pretty lucky, Nora was spayed on Monday and I bought her home on Tuesday, and she has been super quiet since then. She tried jumping once and went up the stairs once, but must know it hurts and hasn't done either since. She just lays quietly and sleeps. I can't tell she feels much better today, but she is still staying quiet.

I hope your girl feels better soon!!
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