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Liquid Poop

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I am beginning to grow EXTREMELY concerned. Both my girls were on Wellness for kittens. Within the past few weeks I have transitioned into Wellness adult cat food. I use a small can of wet food in the morning to feed them then. I leave a minimal amount of dry food for the remainder of the day.
Arkose has completely liquid poop. There are a few times when it is solid, but mainly it is liquid. Is the food causing this problem? I am beginning to contemplate calling the vet in the morning. She doesn't act different then normal. Still plays and is loving and in everybody's business. No signs that there is something completely wrong. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know!
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I would take them to the vet.
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
I would take them to the vet.

I would check with the vet. I don't know if there would be much difference between the kitten/adult food but diarrhea can be a serious problem and kitty can become dehydrated quickly.
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Loose stools can definately be caused by food intolerances of various kinds.

What were their stools like while eating the kitten food? If their stools were firm then I would switch them back for a while before trying to change again.

I think you're saying you did the transition to adult food slowly. If so, at exactly what point did their stools get loose? I mean, did you complete the transition before their stools got loose or did they develop loose stools while eating a mixture of kitten and adult?

Compare the ingredients of the kitten and adult foods. There might be an ingredient in the adult food that isn't in the kitten food and that they aren't tolerating well.
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Definetly call the vet, because they can give them a shot (i think its a shot) that stops the diareah.

my tailess cat, Kitty, has some butt problems (excuse the crudeness ) and the vet has told me if she ever gets bad diareah again she will need to be brought it so they can stop it. cats can get dehyradted very very quickly. good luck!
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