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Piercing help?

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I have so much trouble with my piercings, I don't know why I bother. (probably because I LOVE them).

After my navel rejected and migrated out.. I decided to try something simple and get my second lobes done.

I was bad though and got it done with a gun instead of a needle.

It's been pierced since the second weekend in October. And it's been doing great up until a few days ago.

I noticed a small excess of crust around the butterfly.. so whatever.. I got home and tried to soak it and clean it off. But it HURT. It wouldn't come off either.
So day before yesterday I had someone help me put in a pair of small hoops (they clip together, and can spin all the way around) in the lobe that I had the problem with.

That's when I could more easily see it and saw that it's that stupid bubble thing.
And it hurts all the time. I don't even have to touch it or anything. it just always hurts.

What can I do to get rid of it?

I've been using Tea Tree Oil on it a few times a day. But haven't been using it long enough to see a difference.
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when i got my 4th holes done, they bubbled up, and it hurt all the time, too. but i just took them out after a while, and the bubble went away and the pain stopped.
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Are you allergic to nickel? Most piercing posts have trace amounts of nickel in them, which would explain the reactions you're having.

I'm REALLY sensitive to it, so as soon as I was able to with my navel ring, I switched to solid gold. (I have since removed it, as I felt I was too old for it, lol.)

You might want to try that with your earrings. The only reason the piercing ones aren't solid is because they would be too soft for the gun (I think).

Good luck!!
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I'd really rather not tkae it out if I don't have to.

I'm not sure. I know I have issues with most metals...I have to wear gold or surgical steel.. and I was pierced with SS. So I don't know. Unless there was nickel in it..

But I switched it out for one of my gold hoops.. so hopefully it will help then.
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Where did you get it pierced? I work at Claire's and there is no nickel in their earrings. They also have 14k gold earrings to pierce with too.

I don't think there is anything you can do to get rid of it. Just make sure you keep it clean. I just got my 4th holes done last week and they are still sore so I make sure I clean them. I use the Claire's ear piercing cleaner and I find it works really well.
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I think what you might have is what (sp?) is called a keloid?

I don't know I got one when my navel was peirced.

I tried the tea tree oil and that didn't work.

So they suggest you just get plain ole' asprin, munch is up into a powder and then add water making a paste. Put on affected area.

I did this and my belly ring finally healed after a week of doing this.
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I got it done at Ardene.

I don't think its a keloid. I got one before on my navel too. Someone told me it's just a bump that some piercings get when they get infected or irritated. And that TTO normally helps get rid of them. It worked for my navel, before it migrated out.
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Now when you say bubbles, do you mean a lump, or liquid bubbles?

It is normal to have some sort of lump there, that eventually goes down, it's just your ears reacting to a foreign object. And if you have not had your lobes done before you know, even after years, the actual pierced area when you squeeze between your thumb and forefinger, you will still feel a small bump which is the healed scar tissue. Some people end up getting a keloid which is a big hard lump which can be removed quite easily. But this other one i described is normal.

My right ear has always given me trouble, and though i've had the second lobes for some 6 or so months they still flare up every once in a while

Can i just say, tea tree sounds like an extremely strong thing to use on your ears. It's suggested to use a warm salt water to cleanse. Also the antiseptic spray they give you to use straight after piercing, can be used any time in your life when you need it, not just when the new piercing has been made. I still use this spray whether i have a sore ear, or to just wipe my lobes clean (some of my cheaper earrings leave marks) and to clean the posts/backings of my earrings.

The second lobe piercing on my right took a few attempts. Funny story was, the second one i took it out a day later because there was something horribly wrong with it. So months later i thought ok, i'll get them done a third time. In the morning i put my earrings for my first lobe piercings, and i went 'ooh, that felt odd' i miss the first and the earring went into the second hole..that was closed up. Believe me, i spent months trying to stick and earring in there and it only ever wet halfway in. SO i went to the chemist, got the left one re-done, and the right one was completely open! Lol

Anyway. If it's giving you a great deal of trouble, i just suggest giving up, seriously. I spent SO much time crying and in pain. I even sliced my ear open (not as bad as it sounds) trying to remove the stud with pliers because i couldn't hold it with my fingers and it wouldn't move, and i would freak out if anyone else ouched my ear!

My ears are happy now, 2 piercings in each. But perhaps go to a doctor if this bubbling thing is something new to you, or just take the earrings out and wait a year or so...
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
I got it done at Ardene.

I don't think its a keloid. I got one before on my navel too. Someone told me it's just a bump that some piercings get when they get infected or irritated. And that TTO normally helps get rid of them. It worked for my navel, before it migrated out.

Hmm...Then I don't know what to say. I have had 8 holes in each ear (nubs included), navel, nose and tounge pierce and with all that I am not an expert.

I would talk to a doctor or the place you got it done and see if they have better recomendations.
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My third ear lobe kept on getting infected and it just hurt even when i didnt touch it, tried all the antiseptic and then i read somewhere to try natural alcohol, i used vodka with in two days it was fine!
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