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Dear Lord what have I done...

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I had to run to pets mart after work today to grab some litter and decided to get Google a new toy. He has been waking me up at 4 AM to play or attacking my hands while I'm asleep... its annoying.... I like my sleep. So I'm standing in the toy aisle debating and I ended up getting one of these and dear god he LOVES IT! and not just like "Oh hey a new toy oh wait whats that over there..." like hasnt stopped playing with it for an hour and a half. And right now he is sleeping on it.

Keiko was playing with it but its still too scared of Google to stick around. Joey slept on it and got very confused when the ball hit him. But Google ADORES it. I am soo happy he loves it! But I think he may have an addiction...
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I have 4 of those. My cats LOVE them!

Even my foster dog Jack loved the blasted thing....and Izzy chases it like mad, too.
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ahhh, yes - turboscratcher... beloved by cats (and dogs, too, apparently) everywhere! I have one for the rescue kitties!
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Speck loves his, as did most of the (RIP) cats I had before him. Unfortunately, I live in a small town and Wal-Mart (our only real department store) has stopped selling them. I have to buy my replacement pads on eBay.
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Anna loves the star chaser! (The turbo with a ball that lights up when smacked!)
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Zane had one of these, but he totally ignored it.
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My girls pretty much ignore ours, but Pete LOVES his turbo-scratcher. He plays with it at all hours and has been known to sleep on it too.
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Riley played with it a lot when I first got one last year, but I finally put it away because he ignores it and doesn't even use the scratcher part
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We have 2 of those. I replaced the regular ball with an eyeball in one(it looks like an eyeball, and the eyeball part inside the ball moves when the ball rolls) and a laser ball in the other (so it's like a Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher). Both are a big hit around here.

Menard's is a great place to get Turbo Scratcher refills and laser ball replacements for 1/2 the price of the pet store.
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I have 3 and my kitties love them too!! sprinkle some catnip in the center to really get the party started
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