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Uti! :(

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Gatto (as you know him as Teufel) has now had a long history with UTI's the vet gave me the all clear last year that he could go back to normal kitty food, but it will eventually return, and if it does return and looks more severe he will have to remain on the special Royal Canin UTI cat food.

So yesterday i caught him trying to urinate in the dog basket. He only did a lil tiny bit, he did it on a blue blanket and I was shocked to see how dark it was.

When I was out of the house MIL saw him do it again and so did Hubby.
While we were having dinner he did it again in the same spot but this time he managed to pee a lot! It was so dark it looked like there was blood in it.
I rubbed my finger in the pee and could feel the little particles of crystals!

My poor baby has been suffering for so long now!

We are off to the vet now! just pray he will be ok! he is such a good cat i hate to see him in pain! (this is also a new vet because we moved away)

My question is, is there any human food he is safe to eat while he is on the special cat food diet??
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I hope he feels better.
Sounds like your cat is as bad as Coco.
She just finished Baytril today for another Uti.
Everytime i tried to take her off teh food it came back.
She is off the food now because she is on k/d.
I have no idea if table food is ok.
How often does his problem come back?
Cocos is every 2 months almost to the exact date.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
How often does his problem come back?
Cocos is every 2 months almost to the exact date.
My cat Aussie was like that for 3 infections in a row. The only thing that stopped them, after the last round of antibiotics of course, was changing her to a UTI-friendly diet. Although it's not yet certified, she is eating Adult Max Cat chicken dry and hasn't had a recurrence since (knock on wood). She started the food about 6 months ago. I prefer this food over some of the prescription ones out there (i.e. the S/D she was on in the past).
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Coco had the s/d when she had stones for two months until they disolved.
Then she was on c/d,Royal Canin Urinary and Purina s/o.
tamgirl99, I hope your cat stays well.
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well ever since, we discovered his pains ect, he was on it for a long time, and i still bought it for a year after that but just mixed purina dry food with it and he was fine.
When we came down here in quarantine i told the staff that he has reoccurring UTIS and that whiskas would not be good for him. So they gave him the dry food for a month. And i brought in the wet food.
He has been off it since mid october, and i noticed last month that he may have a problem! so yep two months i guess?

I am putting him on the food for a week, if it doesnt get better he will have to go in and get a whole check up.
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Sounds like Coco.
I am not sure if your vet could do what my vet wants to do.
Since Coco is on k/d for Crf now then want to see if they can make her a food for both problems.
Thye also are talking about sprinkling something in her food.
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