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Meeko gets surgery on Monday

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When she was fixed at 2 years old they left the uterus in her.
I had no idea until today when green and pink stuff came out of her.
I have never heard of a vet doing that before.
The vet that did is out of business so I can not even complain.
The place was torn down over two years ago.
I am scared because of Meekos age and her herpes.
She is 8.5 years old now.
She had blood tests and antibiotics today.
We drop her off at 7:30 on Monday.
All my cats were fixed young so I do not know what to expect.
She was so mean to the vet and techs.
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Oh poor girl!

Sending lots of vibes for her surgery

Get better soon Meeko!
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Poor thing. I have not idea why any vet would do that...

Plenty of for her and for you that everything goes well.
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At least the other cats were not done at his place so I know its right.
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Poor little sweetie healthy vibes for Meeko
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Poor Meeko! That's terrble! It's a good thing you're an attentive owner and caught that something was wrong! I hope everything goes well for her, and she heals quickly.
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They gave me clavamox to give her but she went crazy when I gave it to her.
Coco and Cleo do not act that way.
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Lots of for Meeko that her surgery goes well and she has a quick recovery.
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Many Prayers and for Meeko
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The vet will call today with the blood test results.
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Prayers for your little girl, and for you while your caring for her.
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She fights me when I give her the medicine.
Coco and Cleo take liquid meds with no problems.
I d have to fight with Coco with the baytril pills but she is not crazy.
She just spits them out.
Meeko goes crazy.
How am I going to get the meds in her after surgery with out her getting hur?
I wont be able to give her the medicine the way I do it now.
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Many for Meeko. It's horrible what that vet did to her. I hope you can give her medicine!
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She is the only cat of mine that hates vets.
Do you think the er vet did something to her to make her hate vets?
She was very sick and almost died at 3 months before I got her.
She was my cat thogh.
I picked her a few days after she was born.
Then got a phone call atht she was very sick at 3 months.
We rushed to er and she was saved.
She has hated vets ever since then.
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Leaving the uterus in is not unheard of, although I believe quite uncommon in the US.

Here is a vet's input on both of the methods and why she, too, leaves the uterus alone:
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Thanks for posting that.
Meeko does have a heart murmur so that could have been the reason the other vet did that.
I know he is a good vet.
He fixed stripe and saved her when she had borderline cancer.
He stayed all night when stripe had her breast removed.
Lucy was fixed there also but she got infected.
She pulled her stitches out.
I am scared meeko will try that again.
last tiem they put a gon eon her 6 years ago she slammed herself into teh wall and would not stop thrashing it around.
I just had another fight with her giving her the clavamox.
My other cats were watching.
I bet they think she is crazy.
I gave Coco her hp presure med in front of Meeko.
Coco takes it fine.
Then I gave Meeko her meds.
I thought if she saw how nice coco takes her meds she would be nicer.
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Lots of for Meeko. I hope she feels better, and maybe calms down a little for you soon.
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Oh, honey, I'm so sorry! Vibes for Meeko!
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Thank You,
Any ideas where I can put her after?
Sasha and Cleo are very hyper and will try to play with her.
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Aww hun i hope everything turns out ok for Meeko both my cats are going to be spayed tomorrow and i am worried about them. I hope my vet doesn't leave my cat's uterus in i will be sure to ask if they remove them. I know we all love our kitty's and cats very much and to some of us they are like children much love to Meeko!
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I am scared.
Meeko bit Cleo last night and she has teeth marks on her.
She is smacking and biting all the other cats.
How old are your cats?
Cleo was fixed Nov 20th and is fine.
You can see her scar still but she is a sphynx.
Meeko is older though.
I have to take her food away by 8 tonight.
We have to be there at 7:40 am.
What time do your cats have to be there?
I told my vet no metacam and he said he does not use that.
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Holly and I wish Meeko good luck with the surgery tomorrow! I'm sure she will do fine. I can't believe she bit Cleo...why did she do that?
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She is not being nice at all right now.
I gave her clavamox and she was mad at me for giving her it.
Cleo walked past and she bit her.
She still has a mark on her.
She smacked Coco when she went to get on the window ledge also and bit and smacked Sasha.
When she is in a bad mood she takes it out on the other cats.
I hope she wont be mean to them when she comes back.
The vet said she can home tomorrow night if everything goes ok.
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Sending some vibes for Meeko' s surgery tomorrow
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If you call tomorrow night and we arent home it means we are picking her up.
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for an uneventful surgery and a quick recovery for Meeko today.
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We just dropped her off at the vet.
The vets said they will try to do it lapo first and if the uterus is to big or infected they will have to do it the other way.
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Hope everything goes well and meeko has a speedy recovery
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The other cats are wondering where she is.
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best wishes for an successful surgery and an uneventful recovery.
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