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My cat back in june 2008 had Urinary infection. He was given orbax then clavamox. Waited, then re did test. He still had bacteria but I guess urinary infection cleared up.Culture and sensitivity not done. Now he's been drinking lots of water so we redid urinary test. Seems he still has low Bacteria levels for some reason. She didn't think he had the urinary tract infection. So we are going to do a Culture and Sensitivity to see what the bacteria is. Could the bacteria be causing the drinking of water? Or what could the bacteria be! Waiting on blood tests till we get culture and sensitivity back. Cat seems fine eats well/ is Plump no weight loss/no Diabtes? 12 year old male.
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I can help you.
Coco drinks tons of water everytime she has a urine infection.
Its hard to get rid of the infections once they get them.
You need to find out what he has.
Coco has the e coli infections all the time.
Be careful with the infections.
Cocos went in her kidneys.
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What happens if it gets into the kidneys?. What is your cat on medications?? I had my cat on Royal Canine control formula for 2 months only when on that food he started drinking the water. I took him off it and he's still drinking water. Seems a lot of time has been wasted here. The vet should have done a culture and sensitivity test right off the bat. Cant win with vets they either drag their feet or overdo things. Has your cat had blood tests? Has his water drinking lessoned?I wonder if the food made him worse, perhaps he shou;d have been on none until a C&S was done???
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I have no clue how they go about getting a urine sample from a cat. Do they use a catheter to get it or do they express it somehow and catch it in a container?

If it's a catheter, then I believe that there is bacteria because urine captured directly from inside the bladder using a catheter should be sterile without bacteria. However, if they are expressing the urine and catching it in a container, it is possible, and extremely likely that the bacteria is being added to the urine from outside the body through contact with the fur etc.

If there is an actual bacterial infection, if it goes to the kidneys then it can cause lots and lots of pain and permanent kidney damage. Treatment for kidney infections requires IV antibiotics, not just pills. At least in humans. Maybe cats are different, but I wouldn't think so.
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Sparky has had a few infections and my vet does what is called a Cystocentesis (spelling ?). Using Ultrasound they put a needle into the bladder through the intestinal wall. It is much more accurate and does not irritate the uretha or bladder like a catheter, less side effects. It scared me the first time but not anymore. Sparky did not seem to mind it that mcuh.
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The press on Cocs bladder to get a sample.
Its real easy.
She has to go in two weeks for another urine test.
They did blood test ar the er last sept.
Thats when we found out she has crf.
If a cat keeps get bladder infection alot it can go in the kidneys.
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