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Need some help here

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Ok, I have a problem. When I get home from work at midnight, I go to bed right away. I come home and my 2 cats are waking from their nap (lazy cats haha) but when its time for me to go to bed, they think its time to run around and knock things off of tables. Its very annoying. So during those nights, I'll shut my door. I've been doing this, and they will claw at the carpet and they have torn it up a little. So I bought a bath mat to put under the door so they claw it and not the carpet. Well this is much louder then the carpet when they claw at it.

Does anyone know of a material I can put under my door that will prevent them from clawing my carpet, but is not noisy?

And no, I'm not leaving my door open. I do enjoy getting sleep. Hearing them run back and forth wakes me up and pisses me off.
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Freya used to do this and I found a piece of plastic hallway runner worked well. Just the cheap stuff you can get at the hardware store. It's a bit noisy but not as ba as when she was ripping up the carpet, plus since she couldn't grab it it got her out of the habit of trying to get under the door.

Good luck.
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Also, you might get some treat balls. That way they can bat those around and have dinner while you sleep, and perhaps they will leave you alone.
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