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Going Outside

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We got a cat from the Humane Society in October. He was 10 months old. I do not want him to be an outside cat but he constantly is trying to slip outside and even out into the garage. Any ideas on how to stop this behavior.
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Welcome to TCS!

About the only thing I can suggest is watching the door always when you go out. I had one for awhile I had to shut in another room (so there were 2 doors between her & outside) as she was always trying to slip out. I did this when I would be coming/going multiple times - like when bringing in groceries, etc.
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make sure everyone coming in and out is real careful for a while. Most cats adapt to the indoors just fine. I assume he is fixed.?
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One of my males that was orphaned at 10 days old and has never been outside will do this. Mine is neutered and now 1 year old. He darts for the door and the garage. We figured out this is his favorite game. Once he made it into the garage and stopped while his body flattened to the ground. He was scared to death.

We pick him up, walk through the door, and set him inside as we close the door. It works for us at the moment. We have tried different methods and will change them around. He quickly learns to out smart our tricks.
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I've heard of people who go outside the door and sort of stand to the side then slowly open the door and when the cat tries to come out squirt it with water--not in the face (make sure the cat can't see you). It probably helps to have a second or even third set of hands for this just in case.

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