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couple-a- questions

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first let me say for those of you who have read and/or responded to my posts regd marley and his shots to clear up his auto immune disease flare up, he is doing much better. last night he was playing, running and jumping...he even sneak attacked the dog!!! whooohooo

i am wondering if he will get bigger?? he is 8 months and weights 9.4lbs. when are cats full grown? he is a domestic long hair (orange tabby). i wonder this because he seems small to me. he is really long, but he is soooo skinny! will he fill out?? this brings me to my next question....am i feeding him enough?

he gets 1 pouch of meow mix in the morning and about 2-3 tablespoons of evo wet food in the evening. he has dry food available all day long, which he eats about 1/4 of a cup, maybe a bit more. he also gets a few treats throughout the day. does this sound like enough food for an 8mo old?? he is nuetered. he is always meowing for food and treats like he is starving, but i would think if he were he would eat more dry, maybe not?? TIA
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I am new to the forum but I did just go through a weight issue with my cat, who is normally 9 lbs but lost nearly 3 lbs because she refused to eat the nasty prescription diabetic food any longer (after putting up with it for about 2 years!) so I changed to EVO and Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys and she is now eating like a starving wolf. If you can feel the bony spine along her back, that is a sign your cat is underweight. Every cat has its own "normal" weight although I guess specific breeds might have "average normal" weights.
Also, I don't recommend leaving a steady supply of food out. My cat would eat herself sick. I am amazed that you cat isn't obese yet! Also DRY food is high in carbs and can cause obesity and diabetes. Your cat needs a high-protein low-carb diet.
This link has been a big help to me:
Good luck!
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Interesting, I sure can feel his spine. I think he prefers wet food but munches throughout the day on the dry. I would love to be able to feed him an all wet diet but it's not possible right now with our budget. im going to get him some TOTW next time he needs dry food, hopefully he will like that and EAT IT!!!
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IMHO that looks good for a feeding regime... amazingly MANY on here have had cat live to late teens and beyond with few issues from dry food with wet .... Dry food IMHO is not a great main diet but with the wet looks good to me ...

at 8 months some growth should be expected, general standard is 12 months to be fully grown... my 13 month old has gain 4 ish lbs and about 3 inches since then... FYI he was about the same wt as yours at 8 months
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If you ever get a chance at the vets, look at their age posters, or at least mine has them in his.

at 18 months, full grown adult...and so on.I'm thinking I seen on there at 14(which is my oldest Satan) they are like in their late 60's

You might be able to find that online somewhere....
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