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Has anyone read the book Dewey?

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I was wondering if anyone else has read the book Dewey. I just finished it the other day and was curious to see if anyone else had the same reaction to the ending that I did. I don't want to spoil the ending but I was soo moved that i cried my eyes out and what made it worse was having moo curled up in my lap!
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I have the book, but haven't read it yet!
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Yes, I got DEWEY for Christmas. Very good book. And yes, I at the end.
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Oh yeah... I bawled my eyes out... such an incredible story (and to be honest, you can google Dewey the library cat and find out the basic story, he's famous already, even has a facebook page). There've been at least a couple other threads on the book here... but yes... such a cat...

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I got the Dewey book for Christmas! I cried!
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I got the book from the library and just started reading it last night. I'm only up to chapter two, but I can tell you I had tears in my eyes already! Wiggies was sleeping with me, so it made me want to give him some good ole lovin' but I think he would have preferred to be left alone.
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Yes I read it. Thought about taking a side-trip to the Spencer library, I think was there once years ago....but given the weather haven't been able to make it (an hour's drive for me).
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I got it for Lori for Xmas. I know she's read it and told me the ending. Maybe she'll post her views of the book in this thread.
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My daughter gave me this for my bday so don't spoil the ending for me!
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