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it's quite cold here, at the moment - we've had a front come thru - it's currently 28〫 F.
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I can't tell this gang of cats anything, and they're pestering me with no end. It's 7 degrees F outside, and Mischief, Freeway and the Hobo are all trotting from me to their window and back, wanting the window opened so they can go out into their enclosure. It's hard enough to feel warm as it is without having a window open

But, they just don't seem to understand why they can't go outside
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Originally Posted by Wesley's Mom View Post
At the moment it is 5 degrees F here. Tonight it is supposed to get below zero! I cannot stand the winter and of course I live in Maine! It is supposed to be -15 tomorrow night! Brrrrr. And to top it off, it is VERY windy! What is the weather like where you live?

Where in Maine do you live?

It is -11 right now, at 142 am Friday it is too cold!!!!!
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29ºF this morning, with wind chills in the teens. Might be setting low temperature records this weekend.
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-13 with a wind chill of -35
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Right now it's 6, with a windchill of -10.
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-15F, but "feels like" -28. BRRRRRR!
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Brrrrrrrrrrrr, even colder today.

-21 Windchill -30C
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it's warmed up to 9F this morning. I can't fit a coat over my hand cast so not going anywhere for a while. cats are happy.
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It's -2 F (-18 C) with a -17F (-27 C) windchill! We don't get cold like this very often here!
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-22F (-27C)/ -40F (-40C) with the windchill. My eyeballs froze on the way to work.

Ah ha, I've found the point where F and C cross on the bottom end. I wonder where they cross on top?
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After seeing some of the temperatures posted I don't think we are that cold.
Feels like 4f(-16C).
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Right now its -2 but it was -26 over night, brr!
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Low this morning was 10F....wind chill of 4F........not as cold as some of you guys, but neither do we have cold weather like this in Alabama too much!!!
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Right now it is 21F. Supposed to be 5 tonight.
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Right now it's 8°F (-13°C) with a wind chill of -8°F (-22°C), tonight it's supposed to get down to a low of 0°F, with a wind chill of -18°F. Saturday is supposed to get to a high of 16°F, but an 80% chance of snow, up to 5 inches. Yuck. I don't understand the snow part! We rarely ever get more than just a few flurries when it's this cold!!!
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update on what they're calling an 'artic front' - today, it didn't get above the 20s until around 230pm. it was around 34F when i went out for bus duty. now it's a bit warmer - 38F, no windchill. supposed to get up in the low 60s tomorrow - i think the front is passing
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