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do cats get colds?

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typing one handed, so excuse any spelling errors

last 2 days i've been noticing isis has been sneezing a little more then average. today even more so. she's sleeping on my chest right now and i noticed that she has some dried mucus around her nose.

she hasn't been acting sick and the other 2 cats are in perfect health. but if this is an early sympton of something that could become dangerous for my ten week old kitten i'd rather get it checked out.
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please take your cat to the vet. she has an upper respitory infection and she needs antibiotics to kick it.
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Okay. The soonest I can get an appointment in is Monday so hopefully Isis can hold out until then.
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okay...now the kitten has started shaking slightly and all she's done today is sleep...I am becoming slightly nervous - (I've never had a sick cat before, much less a small delicate kitten!) I'm not sure if she's cold or if I should take her to a vet hospital or what...her owner comes home in 4 hours...
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take her to the vet, or at least call one and let them know. Do you have the means to take her temp?
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Sounds like your kitty has a fever. Thats what mine did when he had a fever, If I were you I would take my kitty in as soon as possible.
My kitten has been fighting an upper respiritory infection for quite a while, antibiotics should help so I would take him in ASAP. Thats what mine was given and it really helped him. When my kitten was sick, I didnt take his temp. rectally, like the vets do, but I have one of those digital thermometers and when he was sleeping I tucked it up under his leg and it did read that he had a temp. My vet said it was probably a little higher than the thermometer said, but at least it gave me some idea of what it was.
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Whew. Kitty woke up a couple of hours later and began playing like nothing was wrong with her. I mentioned it to her owner when he came home and he said that she seemed rather fine. I've been watching her closely. She's back to her ole playful self.
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Lets hope it stays this way!

My Tage, came down with a URI when he was about.... 12 weeks old maybe? (I got him at 6 weeks, I believe he was some barn cat basically abandoned with me by it's former "owner".)

Anyway... He had the typical signs the discharge from the eyes sometimes nose, and sneezing. He would have days when he would play like normal and clear up, and days when he would do nothing but sit with momma and sneeze in her face all day. We treated him on many spereate occasions trying different and repeated medications for him. But as I said, some days he was completely NORMAL!
He broke out in a fever of about 103 or so (cats are normally around 101) the vet could even hear him struggling to breath on the phone and demanded he come in right then, lol.

He's better now, after he got over that lump of having his fever and being pretty out of it, including the shaking, he had another round of treatment, and now he's better, though, he does still have this slight reoccouring URI ever since (he's going on 2 years old now.) The vet warned me this would possibly happen as well, since he got so ill for song long as a young kit.
So now, some days he will have one gungy eye, and sneezes more often (and with more gungkies) then a normal cat. And no matter what I do I can't seem to make it go away.

So that's my storying, basically just saying I hope it doesn't happen to your kitty, but that you should still keep your eye out! And just like humans and their colds, cats can have repeated uri's through out their life. Next time though, if a cat comes down with one, at the first signs, please try and make an appointment at the vet, no one likes to get a fever even a kitty, and that endangers them even more.

Hissy: if you are reading this, please give me a place to order the Grape Fruit Seed Extract online, cause I've searched about 4 or 5 health stores now, including one rumored to be at walmart, and still nothing...
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Yea, I still have an appointment for the little one. Sadly money is extraordinarily tight right now and won't be better until next Friday so I can't just make a trip to the emergency vet that will charge me upwards of $100 just to step a foot in the door. I am still trying out vets in this area - I didn't grow up here so I really don't know the vets - and the first one we saw charged very high, the second recommended shots and procedures that we researched and found that they were totally unnecessary. So I'm still hunting.
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