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Any suggestions for new name?

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As some of you know, my husband is bringing home a stray cat that found her way to Bil's business. Even though we may not be keeping her, her spay date is tomorrow, so I want to give her a proper name before the vet visit. She is a calico. She is approximately 6 months to a year old - difficulty to determine her age because she's been on her own for a while and is very skinny. I have not seen her yet, but DH reports that she took a whack at him when he tried to pet her. She's either scared or fiesty or both.

I am thinking about calling her Daisy, but any suggestions are appreciated.
I also think Smudge is cute.

I kind of wanted to name her after David Beckham but then I'd have Speck and Beckham.

And please send vibes that she is healthy.
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I had calicos named Patches,Stormy and Butterscotch.
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She swatted your hubby? She sounds like a real "Lulu"!

Good, feisty girl-cat names.... hmmm... ??????
(hmm... sense an Irish theme here?)
Sapphire (means beautiful in Hebrew)
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
She swatted your hubby? She sounds like a real "Lulu"!
She did!

DH says he saw a woman pick her up and pet her...maybe she will turn out to be the one cat on earth that prefers me to DH. There is just something about DH; cats love him. Speck is so jealous over DH it isn't funny. If DH picks up our Siamese, Speck bites him on the ankle. If I pick up our Siamese, Speck just walks away to find DH. And as for our Siamese, she sits on DH's lap and looks at me kind of like she wants me out of the picture. Siamie does follow me around and want me to brush her hair, however. Oh well...I take whatever scraps of affection they will give me.

I am going to show the names everybody picks to DH and let him help me decide. I really like Molly, if only I hadn't worked with that awful nurse Molly...

Holly is a good possibility. As well as Jessie, Brandy, and Israel.
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I like Daisy. My grandmother has a Daisy, and I love her.
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What about "Calliope." In Greek it means "having beautiful eyes" or a "beautiful face". Calliope was one of the Nine Muses, in charge of Vocal Music. Yes, the steam organ was named after her.
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Sending vibes for good health for your new arrival.

We had a calico named Peaches when I was growing up, and then a dilute calico named Lucky .

You could keep with the names beginning with S. Considering what you said about her swatting DH, "Sassy" seems appropriate. Or Susanna, from the Hebrew for "lily"
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