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One month

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It's been one month since the passing of my cat, Angus. A year ago this week he came into my life. I adopted him. I remember the day he died so vividly. My mother picked me up and I said, "He always cries when he's in the carrier, it's not because he's in pain." The vet gave me all the options and explained that very little could be done. He assured me that I was making the right decision. I kept saying, "Can I hold him in my lap?" And I went to pick him up before the doctor wrapped him in the little blue blanket. "Why don't you sit down with him, honey?" My mother placed her hand on his head and said, "You poor little guy." His mouth started moving back and forth and I knew he was getting ready to vomit again. And he did, so I put him on the table and placed my head on his stomach and spoke to him. Then, the vet tech came in and caressed his head and said, "Poor boy." She prepared the injection and the vet came in and told me that it was a quick and painless process. Movements or noises might occur. It was very peaceful and I said everything I wanted to say. I have the ashes and was thinking of buying an urn charm, not to wear, but just to keep in a drawer. Or maybe to wear occasionally. And I want to sprinkle the ashes somewhere, but where? I feel like I should be coping better at this point, but he died right around the holidays and I had a ton of schoolwork and wanted to appear okay and not bring others down. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Angus was my first cat and I loved him so much. I went to a shelter to look at cats last week, but I kept thinking, "I miss Angus." It felt a little childish, but more innocent and pure, I guess.

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Oh sweetie I`m so sorry you lost Angus.

One month really isn`t that long at all. Maybe because you tried to keep it all in over the holidays it is hard for you to let go now. I stopped myself from crying for a while because I was scared I wouldn`t be able to stop, but like someone here said to me, it`s part of the greiving process and you need to have a release.

It really isn`t childish to miss him Some people get another pet straight away, some people never do. You just have to do things when you`re ready.

I think it`s a lovely idea to have a charm with some ashes in I`m having Kittys put into a sleeping cat urn.

Rest In Peace Angus
He was a beautiful boy.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

Maybe, you could set up a memorial corner for him in your room with pictures of him and the ashes, maybe place his favorite toy there, too.

The best advice I can give is to take all your best memories of Angus, the silly, the happy, the quiet and the rowdy and stuff them in the hole in your heart. These memories are yours and nothing can take them. You may even find yourself remembering wonderful things that had slipped your memory.

Rest in peace, Angus.
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Aww, I am sooo sorry, and I feel your pain. We had our baby girl Cally put to sleep on November 19. It has been 2 months now, and sometimes I still choke on the tears. We visited the Animal Shelter yesterday and played with the cats & kittens, because we are considering getting another cat, but we both feel like it's a little too soon still - we do have 2 other cats, and we miss having 3 cats, but it will take some time. Everyone is different. I strongly advise you take out his photos and sit alone somewhere or with an understanding friend, maybe your mom, and talk about him and have a good cry or two, it really does help with the healing process. It is totally ok for you to cry and feel the grief, it is healthy and a part of moving on.

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