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Does this seem like a dumb idea??

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Tomorrow I am catching a ride on a bus (coach) with the local tech school to a trade show in Chicago.

We are getting the artic blast of air and I have a problem with my feet staying warm. I was thinking of bring a small blanket/throw to have on my lap during the bus trip down and back. (its about a 3-3 1/2 hr trip one way).

The temp when we leave at 6 am tomorrow morning is supposed to be below -10F.

Dumb or not??
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if it will help you be warm and comfortable I don't aee anything dumb about it!
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I think it's a great idea. I know personally if my feet are warm I'm warmer everywhere else.
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I'd end up bringing a full size blanket, chances are the person next to you will look longingly at your blanket and wish they had one or that you could share.

I don't know how this will help keep your feet warm? If your feet get that cold you may want to double up on your socks. I love the fuzzy socks you can this time of year and usually double them up with a regular pair of socks on colder days.
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Well I was thinking of extra sock (or slippers) as when my feet get cold they stay cold then they get clammy and sweat-brr........

I want to get on the bus early to get to the seats where the floor heaters are located.
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that is a great idea!
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What about those foot warmers? Little packets that you shake, it actives the ingreds inside to make heat. You can get them for either hands or feet.

can you get something like this? They work for me

If you can't get those, definately taking a blankie and slippers would be a great idea.
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I think I have some of those warmer thingys, must go look!!
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Maybe you ought to invest in some "Lorpen liners" and some thick wool socks (like mountaineering socks by "SmartWool"). I get cold very easily, and this is what I wore in the Tien Shan mountains. It wasn't as cold as -10, but it was cold enough to snow (in July!) and I was in a tent. My feet stayed comfortably warm

Bringing a blanket is not a dumb idea.
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Blanket/throw is definitely a good idea and I agree that others may be looking longingly at it on the ride. Cold also roll up into a pillow. I had a long knit scarf I could roll up and use as a pillow.

I love wool blend hunting socks. Not attractive but warm!
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