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Someone please give info

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I got a Maine Coon kitten about 2 years ago from my girlfriends friend. I'm not sure if he had ever gotten shots or anything. He recently got really sick on Friday and died Monday night. I had noticed that he seemed a little unlike himself for the past week or two. He seemed a little depressed, and getting boney but it was hard to tell because he was a thin cat anyway.

He was an indoor cat and I have two other indoor cats that are also maine coons. One is around 12 and the other isnt even a year old. I dont think he could have gotten into anything that could have made him as sick as he got within the past few days. I'de just like to know what happened to him.. Does anybody know what could have happened?
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Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

I don't think anyone can tell you what happened as it could have been many different things. You mentioned he was skinny, that is not a good thing for a Maine Coon as they are larger kitties.

The only way you would know is to have the vet examine the deceased kitty. Noone here would be able to tell you what was wrong as it could have been anything.

Hopefully your other two kitties are ok, up to date with shots, etc. A vet visit wouldn't hurt, for a check up and mention to the vet about the other kitty dying.
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So he was always a bit frail - thin? Maybe you should take the other two in for FeLV testing.

As for not knowing if the cat ever had his shots... you claim to have had him for two years. You should have been taking him in to get his shots yearly as well as having a vet check up. Have the other two had their shots? and are they up to date on them?
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I'm sorry to hear of your Maine Coon's passing. They are beautiful cats. He was only 2 yrs old which is young, and to also die young. It's hard for us to say why because we aren't Vets and usually don't see pets dying that young without a reason.

If it comforts you..my Max had just turned 5 yrs old..was an indoor cat...a younger brother to his 12 yr old 'sister'...was up to date on all his shots..had regular Vet visits....was simply fine almost until the morning he died. I say almost fine, because he did seem to be losing some weight...but he had been instructed to lose weight by the Vet..with Vet recommended dry food.....(of course now I realize that the dry food is counterproductive to losing weight, but I didn't know it then)....so Max's weight loss was wonderful. He also sort of didn't eat as much, but was as playful, affectionate, loving, and active as normal. Then that morning...he just went downhill and passed away that evening. I was away at the time and my husband didn't think to take him to the Vet...thinking that he would be fine...I was coming home the next day.

Why did Max die...no one knows..even the Vet couldn't tell me. There was no indication of anything wrong. So why your sweet kittie died...may always remain a mystery. It's heartbreaking...I know. Max knows he was loved and was given the best that I knew of. His death has taught me about feeding cats...so if nothing else...his new 'brothers' are getting fed much better without the help of the Vet's advice.
Vet's don't know everything either....and cats are notorious for hiding illness...don't blame yourself...just enjoy his memory and your other cats.
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I'd get the other two cats to the vet. Test them for FeLV & run blood panels on them. You never know, there are a thousand possiblities.
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Did the cat seem to have a bloated belly? FIP is a 100% fatal feline disease that causes cats to become rather listless and lose their appetite. It can be very rapid, sometimes taking only weeks to claim a cat's life. Cats with FIP often lose quite a bit of weight and can appear very frail and bony, but with the wet form they usually still have a bloated belly.
It is most common in cats ages 2 and under and senior cats.
The only way to truly know if it was FIP is to have a necropsy done by your vet.
I'm very sorry about your cat's passing. I know how difficult it can be to not know what took your cat. I hope you find out what it was. Also, if you bring another cat into the environment or have another cat in the house, you might want to clean rather thoroughly.
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Run, don't walk to get your cats to the vet. Every cat should have a baseline veterinary exam, baseline innoculations, and spay/neuter operation at the earliest possible opportunity (discuss these with your vet). It sounds like you are new to cat caregiving? The CatSite is an excellent place to gain information, but cats, just like people, need adequate medical care, healthful food, fresh water, and safe surroundings.
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