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Rescources for FIV+ cats? ASAP Time is running out...

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My shelter took in a cat from a man who found it as a stray. He drove over an hour to get the cat to us, then made a huge donation so that we can find this cat a great home. Turns out the cat is FIV+ and we euthanize those cats. I know that is terrible, I know that FIV+ and FIV- cats can live together, as does the clinic here. But that is our policy and nothing can be done about changing that. This thread is not about the issue of FIV, its it finding this cat a place to go. We usually don't bend over backwards for people but since he made a ridiculously huge donation we are trying to do what we can.

So basically, I was wondering if anyone knows of a resource or someone who can temporarily even take a FIV+ cat (they CAN live with FIV- cats!) who is neutered and fully vaccinated either perminently or until other arrangements are made. This cat is very sweet and people friendly. He is a couple years old, orange and white tabby, missing a lot of teeth, and just came off of the streets so he is a little dirty and whatnot.

If anyone can help please PM me. Thanks so much! this cat goes up for euthanasia committee today, so after that he can be put down at any time so any and all help is appreciated.

I don't have my own place to live at the moment otherwise I would take him myself.

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I think there is a place (shelter) for FIV kitties in PA somewhere .... I will have to doulbe check w/ my vet. I called once because I too have such a rescued kittie in my basement. He hates other kitties but is wonderful otherwise. No one wants to deal with due to the FIV. He will live a good looong life I think, and its a shame ... Anyway let me check w/ vet and see what I can find out....

Meantime, kudos to all of you for trying for this wee guy....
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Have you tried contacting all of the no-kill rescues in your area? Maybe some of them do fostering and perhaps they could find one of their foster volunteers that could take the cat.
Here is a directory of animal shelters/rescues. They are not all no-kill, so you'll have to ask them that when you contact them. Just click on USA, then Ohio, then any of the area codes that are near your area. Don't right click to open a new page or tab, as that doesn't work with that site.
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You might try contacting this shelter in Cincinnati. They take in FIV and FeLV+ cats as space allows. Transport could possibly be arranged if they can take him. http://www.staf.org/
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Ok we have located a place for this sweet guy to go. The question is getting him there. He needs to get to West Virginia. The new owner in West Virginia can come up to Marietta OH so that is where we need to get him. Novelty, OH to Marietta, OH.

Does anyone know how to go about arranging a transfer and how long this usually takes to set up? Where would I advertize that I need one? How do I know who can be trusted to show up and everything. I have never done this before. I wish we could include personal emails on here, it would make things so much easier bc I could check at work then.

Please let me know if anyone has suggestions or is willing to help. I am not the one in charge of this cat, our cat behaviorist at work is but she knows I am a member here and might be able to find some help.

Any help is appreciated.

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I'll PM you a list of transport resources. I can also contact the woman who set up the transport for one of my former fosters who went from Cincy to Richmond, Va. There were reliable volunteers from several rescues that did the driving and we were in cell ph. contact with each other the whole trip. I have her email at work and won't be back there till Thurs., but will get in touch with her then.

I'm so glad you have a place for this kitty to go!
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