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Kitty strange behaviour!

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Hello all

I have recently had my cat in the vets as he has got crystals and a UTI. He was given antibiotics for the UTI and i have been told to only feed him SD prescription diet until the crytals dissolve!

I came in today to find sick on the floor in a couple of places. When I cleared it up i noticed there in cat 'poo' in it.

This has happened before when he was put onto a prescription only diet.
Does anyone think it is just him being huffy?

Any advice would be greatful.

Thankyou Donna[/color]
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Are you sure it was "poo?" If it was torpedo shaped, it was probably just a hairball. With him being on antibotics, I wouldn't worry to much for now, unless the vomitting occurs more often.
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The antibiotics could be making his tummy upset. One of my kitties cannot take a certain antibiotic because it makes him puke everywhere. You may want to call your vet and let them know he is throwing if it continues. They can give you a different antibiotic.
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When Zara had a uti, throwing up was one of the symptoms. Even if your guy wasn't throwing up before maybe it could still be just the uti making him do it now. If it continues for more than a day, I'd definately call the vet.

BTW - If you post things that have to do with a sick kitty to the Health and Nutrition forum you'll probably get more responses.
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I`m pretty sure that would be hair rather than poop.

Maisie does that and it really does look like she has thrown up a poo, so much so that I`ve had to smell it to check.

I`m sure it is physically impossible to throw up a poo and I`m sure cats don`t poo to be vindictive or huffy
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hello again

Sorry I posted here, sorry i posted here and not somewhere else. To be honest it took me foreer just to figure out how to post in the first place hehe

fortunately he has not done it again (touch wood) its just because he was doing it before and he did it for about a week before he stopped then. And that was a couple of times a day.

I was thinking it was poo because it was quite hard and shaped like it would be.
Would a hairball be hard like that?
I feel sick just thinking about it... YUK
To my knowledge he has never had a hair ball before. he is a house cat and i have never found one.

To be honest in the past couple of days he seems to have perked up a lot and is more playful and cuddly again so maybe he was just having an upset tummy or something.

Thankyou for all of your replies
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