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Daily Thread HUMP day Jan 14th!

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Morning cat peeps!

Welp, it is a cold one today..-25 I am just going to come home after work and do some laundry and clean up a bit.

Nothing much new..............got to order tuxes soon

Anyhoo, have a good one folks!
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Morning! I am spending the day watching tv. Yesterday it took me 9 hours to sort through 4 boxes of clothing my cousin dropped off for the baby. They weren't packed by size or sets.

The wall is finally back up and the kitties are so confused. I am worried about Princess since she loved that little portion of the room. Her bed barely fits in Mom's room now.

It's supposed to be cold and windy so cuddling with the babies sounds like a wonderful plan.
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Morning All!!!

Well it's frosty one here this morning -36C

Had a early appointment 8:30 at the vets for Pixie and neither of us was happy to be out and about. Pixie I think has decided she is happy to be a house kitty.

Got home about 1/2 hour ago and that is the last I am sticking my nose outside today. I have a couple of chores to take care of and will spend rest of the day sipping hot chocolate and staying warm.

Not even any birds at the feeders this morning, to cold.

The kitties are all in on my bed right now, Linus and Sassy are giving Pixie tons of attention since she's got some interesting new smells on her from the vets.

Everyone have a great day
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Well it has warmed up to -1F (18C)!! A bit of very light snow as well and the sun is supposed to make an appearance later. The artic blast of air is coming later this afternoon.

Have to throw a large rug over one tree and cross my fingers that the buds survive the next couple of days.

So got my sales tax check out in the mail as well as a check for the Chicago flower show!! Much less money in the ole checkbook now-yikes.

Not much else for today-keeping the wood stove stoked with lots of wood.

Hamburgers and fries for dinner tonite-actually patti melts.....

Going to chicago tomorrow for a horticultural trade show so I won't be on as I leave early (when it dark are really cold).

Stay warm!!
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Good afternoon y'all!

I got back at about 7.30PM last night after spending 3 days in Tauranga - about 8 hours drive from where I live. It was beautiful up there and I did lots of thrilling activities! (Pics to come later!)

Today I've gone out for lunch with my friend, we had curry. I've also registered my car, returned some library books and I've spent about 3 hours studying for my exam on Saturday - it is my last one to become a Longhair Cat judge.

In 2 hours time I start work. I'm working until 11.30PM tonight.

Have a good day folks!
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