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What's white, fluffy, & puffy?

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A long haired white cat!

(or snow)

Took some pics out the door tonight - light fluffy snow is blowing all over the place. The driveway was clear when I left for work at 10AM - at 7PM it had been snowing for 2 hours & blowing - it was blown over already.

This is a drift on the north side of the house (the "hole" there is my window well)


See the snow pile in the distance? It's piled higher than the house - I am so totally going sledding down it tomorrow. (No one can make me grow up - some days, you've just got to have fun!)

This is now about 4' high here

See the "drift" in the bottom left corner there? That is a 4' retaining wall - the snow is now that high there

Retaining wall now in the middle of the pic

Retaining wall on the other side

It's very pretty, but also about -10F right now (plus windchills).

Pretty - even prettier in pics when you don't have to try to get around in it, right?
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I was gonna say Izzy...

The snow is awesome though - I love looking at it in pictures anyway
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What? No snow angels? I want to see a pic of a snow angel.

We can't make them around here, or rarely even snow balls since there's usually too little and it melts too fast.
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Oo wow, i'm jealous!! it got up to 99f today, can i have some of your snow??
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Cool pics. Took me 3 hrs to get to work on Tuesday morning. Snowed another 3 inches last nite, so I'm calling into work this morning. I'll get stuck in the drive trying to get out (it drifted in spots). I don't have time to go out there in minus temps to shovel snow at 4:30am!

Right now its -6 with -23 windchill at 7am.
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Ah, you have to report the windchill for greater effect! They said it may be -45 to -50 tomorrow morning

Also, now you owe us a picture of a long haired white kitty. Or at least a white cat.
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OK - covering my behind - here are some "white & fluffy" for ya.


....and the diva

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I want snow
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Awwww Izzy!
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OMG that first picture is too funny!! I don't think there is one piece of hair that isn't standing up.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I was gonna say Izzy...

The snow is awesome though - I love looking at it in pictures anyway
Yeah, I love pictures of snow, or driving to the Sierras to see it and then come home.
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Allygirl - we have lots of snow here. Even have a sign on the door that reads "Free Snow - Shovel All You Want"!

Just say the word and I'll mapquest from your house to mine.
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Very pretty pictures, but i would literally freeze to death in -10F
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That snow is my favorite kind!!!! It's sparkly! Its so so so pretty!

< the floridian is jealous!

and LMAO that cat is so funny!!!!! and soooooooooooooooo mad!
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OMG, that white cat pic looks like a negative photo of a classic Halloween cat! That pic is calendar ready IMO!!
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I want snow
...are you sure what you want my friend?.......
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