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dog clothes

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Does anyone know of any websites to purchase clothes for little dogs?

Thanks in advance!!
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google it ... lot s and lots ...

I am starting to make dog clothes myself ...
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I make and sell 4 legged doggy pjs in Fleece or Knit material .....
Drop me a PM for more info if you're interested!
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I get most of my dog clothes from the same place... and 100% of the procedes go to charity, so that's even better. (scroll down a bit)

Two of the MANY things I have gotten from there.
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there are many people who custom make dog clothes.. this is a friend of mine.

You can sometimes find deals on ebay.. Target and Walmart also sell small dog clothes.. has lots of deals

Alot of my dog's clothes are actually baby clothes that are altered. My mom is handy with a sewing machine and has made alot for him as well.
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Would any of these clothes fit my sphynx cat?
I got her some do clothes from Old Navy,Petco and Petsmart.
Its hard to getcat clothes.
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the sweater Bastet has on now is actually a dog sweater from walmart.

I have a little onesie for Sienna that may be altered for Bastet when she outgrows it.. it says "I wish for little fishes" LOL

My friend can custom make to any size.. you measure your pet and she makes the outfit.. she has made clothing for cats!
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Cool I will have to order something from her.
Walmart here had cute stuff but cleo will pull the beads off.
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most of the dog clothes our walmart has are not very functional either.. little frilly dresses with sequins on it and such... 4 or 5 years ago they had more functional clothes, but they've been getting more stupid dress up type clothes with the matching bags, to cater to the paris hilton wanna-be's.
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Everything they had was to dressy here.
I did find Cleo a valentines shirt at old navy a few days ago.
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