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R.I.P Jake *Junior*

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I've just recently lost my 8 yr old Bengal cross neutered tom Jake Junior to the roadside. If you're wondering that the "junior" stood for, well, I met my best friend a week after naming this cantankerous little rescue kitten, whose name also happened to be 'Jake'. He was now my little junior Jake!
Anyway, this lovable little thorn in my side was one of those who refused to conform into indoor life, and eventually, after 4 years of torment, I relented. Of course, he brightened up considerably after that.

He had a little rossetted patterning, used to be my "surfer cat" and a cheeky attitude to boot, and all the vet nurses and cattery attendants ADORED him.

He used to be the unquestioned Lord and Master of the canine members of the household. (My family and I used to run the Debelle German Shepherd Breeding Kennels) and he absolutely used to make their hair stand up on end!

Sigh...he's lived through everything: broken legs, cat fights, absecesses, boistrous dogs trying to "stretch" him. But this time, the car won.

It's been a month now...and I'm just starting to recover from the shock. I'm even beginning to long for the pitter patter of tiny paws!
But if and when I do refill the hole in my heart, I'm not getting another rescue cat. Much and all they're "character plus" I just can't handle the stress of another cat who's already tasted the joys of backyard life and the world beyond. I can't compete with that.

Thanks for listening,
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That's so sad, sorry to hear how you lost Jake jr. I know what that feels like, my persian cat Smokee of nearly 9 yrs went the same way. Although it was a long, long time ago, he was my favourite cat.
You can still rescue, there are plenty of kittens around. I saw 2 this morning at my vets. They were 9 & 17 weeks respectively. I'm sure the RSPCA has kittens all the time, especially this time of year.
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I am sorry for your loss.
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I`m so sorry you lost Jake

He sounds like he was such a big character

Rest In Peace Jake Junior
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I am so sorry.
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I'm so sorry Jake sounded like he knew how to win people over

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Jake.
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