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Those wonderful massaging paws!

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King Gorge loves to massage his paws on my belly, crook of my arm or anywhere else he can massage those cute little paws. He is a rescue kitty and we love him to death...he sleeps on pur bed in the same place and makes sure we all get up at the same time and go to sleep at the same time. He loves to stick his little hiny in our faces and slap us with his tale then he rubs his face all over us. Especially when I am on the computer or trying to read he likes to help my knocking it on the floor so he can crawl on my lap and then lay in my face or on it if he can. I love my Gorge. I am not sure if he is just "stretching" his fingers or giving me love. Someone told me cat's massage you to show love as well as stretch. Any ideas? I will post more later as well as pics of my happy King Gorge

p.s. Gorge is looking for a Queen Elizabeth to hang out with
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How old is Gorge? The kneading seems to be a comforting things for cats. Some do it all their lives--you want to be sure you keep the claws trimmed! Others do it only when they're very young, or when they've been taken away from their mothers too early. Anyway, he's probably accepted you as his new mommy if he's kneading on you.

Where do you live? I've got a couple of kitties I'm trying to adopt out, a stray I took in last summer and two of her kittens.
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I have two cats and they both, "make/knead bread." Peyton only does this on fleece blankets and she sucks on the blankie too which is yucky when you go to curl up and get a cold wet slimy on your arm or leg. ECKK. She will not knead on me though as she is just no that friendly and lovey. She is a stick to herself kind of cat.

Morty on the other hand will only knead on me and occasionally but rarely on a blanket, and desite being nuetered, he seems to only do this behavior when he is feeling, shall I say, randy? I don't let him do this as the longer he kneads bread the more excited he gets and then he starts to meow and get aggressive and tries to bite me. If you watch him he exhibits all the same behaviors as a male cat would when trying to be with a female cat.

My other cats growing up used to do this to show love and affection. They also purr when they do this. I heard that another way they show affection is when they lay out on the backs with their bellies up as this is a sign of total trust of their owners. Cats also show love by giving you presents such as mice, chipmunks and birds.

Morty just leaves his toys for me in my shoes or at the bedroom door.

Good Luck.
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I have a 6 year old male cat who does the same thing. Anytime he sees my husband or me in a relaxed position he will come "knead" on any part of our body he can get access to. He does it every night when we are in bed watching tv. I think that cats do that because it used to be how they got milk from their mom and they associate it with showing affection. All the cats I have ever owned have done it, but some just do it more than others!
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