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help! Cold weather

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I have a stray cat that I just love. I feed her and everything. However my husband is not an "animal lover". And it is about to get real cold 12 degrees in a couple of days. And I wanted to bring her inside for those 2 days while it is real cold. However my husband so no. So I was thinking that maybe I can leave me gararge door open enough for her to get out of the cold and the wind. But what could i do to help her with that. Like a lot of blankets or something. The gararge is cold anyways but i thought as long as she is out of the wind. Will she be able to survive? Am I just freaking out? I'm going to have to sneak and do this, so my husband won't find out. I feel so bad for the cat. She wants to come in the house so bad. She sees that I have two cats now so she just wants to come in and play. She looks to be around 8 months. And suggestions would be great. I just want to make sure that she wont die because it is so cold.
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Could you set up a heated bed in the garage for her? That way you're not upsetting your husband by bringing her in the house or risking your other cats health because you don't know if she has any diseases or anything.

Even being out of the wind would help her A box with a pillow and blankies in it, so kitty is not on the concrete ground would give her someplace warmer to be. You could even put a hot water bottle in there...
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get a large storage container, put it on its side [lid off] & put some straw in it & put that in the garage. inexpensive, & the straw is a good insulator.
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If you can't get a container, I have been using two home depot moving boxes together. One normal and the second one wrapped around the first. Then I took a vinyl table cloth, wrapped it around the box and cut two holes in it, one side and then the other. Then put the straw in it.

Since the cat is so young, she really does need good shelter, especially if it is her all alone where she won't be sitting with other cats to stay warm. I lost a kitten about 5 months old in December from him freezing and not realizing he didn't have adequate shelter until it was too late. I would say try the shelter but if you could possibly (sneak) the cat in give that a try if she really is looking to come in...Good luck either way!!!
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I open up my garage door on a crack enough so they can get in and out, I set up a container on its side put blankets in then a bunch of hay and put a blanket draped over the opening half way. Good luck.
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Just be careful with any heating devices you try - such as heating mats or lights. You really do not want to start a fire.

As for your husband... he'll get over it. A lot of the people on here turned their significant others into cat and animal lovers.

Since she's a female and stray, you really need to get her to the vet for spaying if you're going to keep feeding her. She's pretty much adopted you and I doubt you (or your husband) want to litter of kittens to deal with.
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Don't forget food and water! Bless you for wanting to provide for this kitty, too.
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