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needing help getting of ticks and fleas

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We don't live on a farm, but we don't live in a neighborhood either, but out behind our house is a pasture and just a few days ago, they put quite a few cows out there....Before, they were here, I have not seen either tics or fleas, but ever since they got here, I have seen 2 tics, and a couple fleas, and I woke up yesterday morning with chigger bites all on my side...there are about 5 or 6 of them right by each other..I am assuming they are flea bites...they just look like chiggers....ohh well...I am going to have to buy a flea collar ad have the vet check both kitties today for fleas..I have tried to see if either one of them had any on them, I didn't see any, I am taking Fluffy in today to get her stitches out and Rocky has to get a leukemia shot anyway so while I am there I am going to see what they can do about it.....if anyone has any suggestions..please let me know...
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Don't wast your money on a flea collar, they just don't work like they used to! It would be better to get Advantage or Frontline for the fleas and ticks. (Order online as it is cheaper!) I would just keep the kitties inside. Keep the shrubs and grass trimmed and remove the trimmings. This will keep rats or mice from bringing the fleas and ticks closer to your house. Contact the owner of the property and let them know if you see ticks on the cattle. Ticks can run an animal down animal down and it can sicken and die. I'm sure they will get the cattle sprayed asap. Good luck!
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Moving to care and grooming.
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Has anyone used this product?

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Please be careful when using OTC flea/tick products. Most of them contain pesticides that have to be metabolized by the liver and kidneys. This can prove harmful and sometimes even fatal for cats. I would stick with Frontline(Advantage doesn't kill ticks.) Frontline is 100% safe as it is absorbed only by the hair follicles and isn't harmful if ingested. Apply to base of skull between neck and head where kitty can't get to it. Also, you may have to use a house spray if you are seeing fleas/ticks as the frontline won't kill them unless they actually jump on your cat. I work at an animal hospital and they use a product called Siphotrol for housespray. They also use it in the hospital, it's real easy to use, although I don't know what is readily available in your area.
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I have heard really bad things about it and it doesn't seem to work well. I found out from a breeder I got my persians from that you can use the Advantage for dogs 55lbs and larger. You use ONE drop per pound of cat. This lasts so much longer that the "cat sized" and works better than the cat formula. I have 7 cats and used less that a full tube to treat them all!!! It is even safe for nursing cats... I have had a flea problem for the last month or two, but after this one treatment, my problems are over.
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I haven't bought it yet...but thanks a bundle for the info...I just wanted to ask about this before I bought it....Now I know I need to see about something from the vets office..
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You need to get it from your vet, even buying over the Internet you run the risk of not getting the pure product and putting your cat in danger, plus the vet will go by the weight of the cat to be sure the proper dose is taken. Never buy over the counter flea collars or flea remedies, they can do a lot of harm.
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Frontline works for me, all but one of my kitties are inside/outside and we have problems with ticks. It is available in individual sized doses for cats. You have to put it on once a month if you have tick problems, but it kills fleas for up to three months. It is pricey but well worth it!
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I've tried Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, and maybe one other one. They all work, it depends on your use on which one you like, but I think I'm personally partical to Advantage cause I think it does the most.

Here's an amusing flea treatment comparision site for you.

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Since I have so many cats, I buy the Advantage for dogs and divvy it up among my cats- it saves a lot of money in the long run and I follow this formula here:

Advantage break-up
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The ingredients are not different for cats and dogs, the dosage is based on the weight of the animal. I am not sure how many people are aware of this, but the in-store Vet at local pet shop shared this information with me a couple of years ago. Check with your vet before doing this.
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Just to share with you what a manager at Petco told me once.

He said in order to control ticks and fleas fully, there are three areas to pay attention to:

1. The outside of the house. He was referring to the backyard, front lawn, etc, anywhere outside the house. He was recommending some product that you can water your lawn with to control the fleas and ticks. He said sometimes ticks and fleas can easily be transferred indoors through slippers or shoes that you wear outside. Once you are back in the house, the ticks and fleas come in with you.

2. Your pets. He suggested putting a good flea/tick control product, like Advantage, once a month on the nape of the neck of your pet (those that are exposed outdoors.)

3. The inside of the house. He said to control the inside of the house by spraying anti flea/tick product throughout the house, and also around the areas (like pet beds, etc.) that your pets frequently visit.

Hope this helps a little.

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