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frodo's weight is DOWN!!

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i have posted here a few times about frodo being over weight and he was just at the vet today and he has lost 0.6 lb!! yay! he is now 24.2 lbs but he should be about 18 lbs. the vet says that as long as he is not gaining any weight then we are doing good!

we have just started feeding only canned food and hopefully that will help him lose even more weight!

i am just so happy! i had myself convinced that he had actually gained weight.

yay frodo!!

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awwww, that is awesome!!!!!! Good job.

I hope he continues to lose slowly and steady....He is such a gorgeous fellow
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Wow ! That is great ! I want my cat to loose 1/2 to 1 kilo, he is 7 kilo and has this huge bellly, but i have 2 cats in that part of the house so i cannot separate them... how did you do it?? Did u use "diet food" or reduce his meals or any other secret?

Thanks !
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Awwww way to go Frodo!! He is so cute!
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thanks guys!

i was just so worried about him gaining more! i am very happy that he didn't


i reduced his food and tried to get him as active as i could. he is not always interested in his toys... he does run around and play with his "sister" though, so that is some exercise. i have also just switched him to an all canned food diet. my vet suggested a calorie intake of 200-250/day and that was around what he was getting, but she said he basically maintained his weight with that and i should stick closer to the 200 cal/day! she said he had a very efficient metabolism!! i also have 2 cats and i cannot feed them separately because my siamese does not eat her meal in one sitting, but frodo doesn't either. i am trying now to give them their food in separate places, blue's food is much higher up! i will see how that far blue is eating in the regular place (where frodo's food is) and not going to the top of the fridge, right next to the place she is eating now, and, where she always goes after she eats!! silly cat! i am just moving her to her own food every time i see her eating frodo's. oh, i don't use diet food because frodo will not eat it! he is so picky. he was eating orijen kibble (very high calorie so it was very carefully measured) and wellness canned food. now they are getting only wellness canned food. i will check for different brands that around the same calories when i go back to the store, just to give variety. although, my guys are very picky and don't like many other flavours of food, just chicken and turkey...picky picky picky!
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Woohoo!! Keep up the good work! As long as he's gradually loosing weight you're okay. You don't want a sudden or drastic drop in weight.

My little girl, who isn't overweight, but a bit too tubby for my liking, had lost 3 oz. when we had her at the vet a couple of weeks ago. They were amazed! We cut back on her dry a bit and on her wet some and have been working on playing with her and getting her more active.

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Great job! Kudos on doing it under a vet's guidance. Frodo is a handsome fellow!
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thanks guys!
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Hi Glad to hear it

I do not believe that 200-250 calories a day for a cat that big is enough food unless he decides it is enough. It sounds way too little for a 20+pound cat. The grain free canned food alone should help do the trick. Want to give snacks? piece of boiled chicken breast are great!

To answer another question in this thread

how did you do it?? Did u use "diet food" or reduce his meals or any other secret?
There are no secrets. Just feed species appropriate foods which would be canned with no grains or a raw diet prepared specially for cats
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i have been feeding frodo about 250 cal/day for a year now and he has only lost 0.6 lb. i am not sure that it is way too little. i am now feeding him one can of wellness chicken or turkey /day which is about 220 cal. he is not even eating all of the can right now. i am not sure how it will go in the future, since this is only day 2 of the all canned food diet. i will weigh him every week at home to make sure that he is not losing weight too fast.

(all last year he was eating grain free canned food and grain free kibble)
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Like with humans, the key to kitty weight loss is diet and exercise. Kitties don't really need all the carbs found in dry food and that really causes them to pack on the pounds if they don't get a good amount of exercise. I have one cat who's not a huge fan of canned, so I limit her dry food intake and try to play with her at least once a day (she's 13 yo now).

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