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The sixties are back in style?

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I treated myself to some clothes and accessories at a local chain of clothing stores today for my birthday. I wanted to get an updated jacket, which I found on sale.

However, when I first walked in past the juniors, I see tie-dyed tee shirts with peace symbols on them. In psychadelic colors. I get to the misses department and what is the first thing that I see? 100% cotton peasant blouses, in white, complete with the requisite flower embroidery and that little tie at the rounded, key hole neckline. I couldn't help but see that blouse again because another was hanging right behind the cash register above a handbag that had "peace" written all over it. Oy vey!

I didn't dare go into the men's department because I was afraid of seeing peace medallions for men.

Please tell me that those 60's hairstyles will not be in style this time around!
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Yeah, I"m seeing peace signs and tie-dye. Took my niece shopping over the holiday break. Who knows... I was never one to follow fashion anyway! I buy what fits right and looks nice.

don't know about the hairstyles though!
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Huh, I didn't know that tiedye had ever gone out of style.....
Of course, I've never cared much about fashion trends, I still do my own tiedye, and I've been known to wear sundresses, combat boots and scrunchy hats with gigantic flowers on them, all at the same time.
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I never was one who goes for fads & styles. I pretty much wear what I like or looks good on me and do my own thing.

But I will admit that I do have a few tie-dye t-shirts.
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I have tie dye shirts also and a dress.
I wear what I want and do not care about the fads.
I ahve seen alot of clothes from the 60's in the stores also.
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I can deal with the tyed-dye shirts (they are cool to do) but I sure hope the really big orange/yellow/green flowers will not come back. Or the hairstyles!
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I like mod fashion, but not "hippie" fashion. Although, those peasant tops are cute. I tried one on once, it just wasn't cute on me.
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I love those hand-embroidered cotton blouses! I've missed them terribly all these years!

Oh, I hope they also bring back those wonderful cotton gauze shirts from India, with the collarless button-placket front and long sleeves. I used to LIVE in those.
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Which hairstyle you referring to? The super poofy bouffant or the long straight look? I remember watching my sis tease and spritz her hair. I just shook my head.
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