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Chocolate doggie treats that aren't chocolate

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So, my dog comes up the stairs to say hello..... he smells like poo but looks like he's been eating chocolate.

I don't think it was chocolate. I think his hanging out around kitty's litter box finally reach the point of expirementation.

If only he spoke english... I could ask him if it had a nutty aftertaste.

I'll have to put up a barrier to prevent access from my less-than-gourmet appreciating dog.
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So, is this your first experience with "kitty crunchies"?

And btw.....hooded litter boxes won't help. Baby gates leading into the room with the litter box will. And if your dog is very well trained, eventually you can take them down and he will know he can't go into that room. That's the theory anyway. Usually works with my dogs unless they really want that afternoon snack.

Welcome to the world of dogs and cats living together. I think it would make a great show on the Animal Planet.
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Kitty Crunchies are Chases favorite treat, the nastier the better Because the girls have Tritrich it is bad news when he snacks. He is a resourceful little fella and can and does go over any baby gate we try. My vet installed an Invisible Fence to keep her cats in the yard and suggested I look into it for the litter box. Maybe an option
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My dog showed interest before.... and coworkers told me it was inevitable, which was confirmed by some forum members here.

A part of me didn't think he'd ever actually do it though.

I was wrong.

My dog is extremely intelligent, and as for training he knows what I want him to do when I tell him... but he's also very independent and does what he wants. The only time he obeys a command is when he knows there is an immediate reward (ie: a doggie treat). He doesn't think that he's the alpha, as he will eventually obey if I raise my tone enough and he knows I'm getting frustrated... but otherwise he just does what he wants, and I'm ok with that (afterall, he's my friend, not my slave).

We'll see if I can get him to eventually not eat kitty poo without the use of a divider, but for the moment I've set up his old play-pen fence from when he was a puppy to keep him out of kitty's litter-box. I was amazed it was still in good condition after 17 years.
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Hahaha this is Bruno’s favorite treat as well. We use a baby gate and have never had issues… Eating his own poop? Well that’s a whole new issue…. Yuck!
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Comet does the same thing! We have a covered litter box and she gets her foot in there and scrapes the contens onto the floor and then eats her prize. Eric and I will be watching TV and she comes out with kitty litter all over her nose and paws and wants to lick him. If Comet gets into to the litter box and we don't notice Flower lets us know her displeasure usually by pooping on the rug by the front door. We have finally found a position of the litter box that the cats can get too and the pup can't (unless she tries really hard). Comet is starting to get that the room where the litter box is a "no no place."
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