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Argh [house rant]

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Well, it has been awhile since I've ranted about my house being built and all that. We've been very excited recently, because they put the final touches in, and got our Certificate of Occupancy today! We were allowed to move our washer and dryer in last night, and they told us they're going to begin the closing process. So why am I complaining?

I also just found out that Rob's dad, who had to be a co-signer on our loan (due to Rob's job not being "established" and me making a mere $100 a month less than needed), is going to leave for Louisiana for TWO weeks straight on either Sunday or Tuesday. (He travels for work). If that is the case, it means he won't be back until somewhere between Jan 31 and Feb 2. Our 1st wedding anniversary is Feb 5. I had already told myself that I would NOT spend the first married year together living with my in-laws. Obviously I lied to myself.

I've been so happy thinking that we were really going to be in the house by next weekend or sometime in the next two weeks. We'd be pretty settled in by our anniversary, and could celebrate it in our new home. But now it is cutting very very close. I emailed the guy handling the financial side of things, to see if maybe the FIL can sign some papers ahead of time, or if someone can be made to have power of attorney and sign. (My dad signed for my mom at closing on their house in NC because she was still in NJ at the time). I'm going to bet the FIL wont want to give anyone POA if that is the only option other than waiting.

I guess I'm just a wee bit upset. I've already told Rob that I refuse to spend our anniversary in that house, and I will be renting either a week at the extended stay hotel nearby where he works (we stayed there last year after our wedding, a gift from my parents) or if I only need it for 1-2 days, a room at the beach again. He got irritated with me being irritated, but he always has the "oh well" attitude about all of this, it seems. I haven't been completely happy living where I'm living for awhile now, but I've stuck it out to save money for our house, and because I knew that he'd be upset living in an apartment somewhere (sees it as wasting money).

Just needed to vent. Blargh. I hope it all works out.
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I'm sorry!! I know how you feel! Well, not the anniversary part, but about not being able to move in when you thought you were going to. We built the house we live in now 3 years ago. We were supposed to move in and one of the inspectors decided to be a PITA and made DH do a bunch of stuff to it that really didn't need to be done. He just knew it was a house for us not a client so he was screwing with us. We ended up not moving in for a week after we were supposed to. I was SOOOO mad! Then on top of that, the night we were finally allowed to move in I got a stomach bug and DH had to move all of essential stuff alone b/c I was puking my guts out at our new house. LOL
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^That's how it always works out. I had just recently had surgery so wasn't supposed to lift anything over 10lbs - not that I should be lifting heavy stuff to begin with.

I'd take off and go somewhere for a couple days. There'll be so many little things needing done that you don't want to spend your anniversary busy with that.
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Can you ask permission to move most of your stuff in while you're waiting for you FIL to come back? Also, with the POA, I think they can draw up a specific, temporary POA stating exactly what it is for, and give it an expiration date. You may want to look into that.

I can understand your frustration. When our house was set we had to look at it across the road for 5 weeks before we were able to move it. We could walk into it...if you liked walking the plank (they still had to back fill around the hole) but there was no way we could move anything in. It took the electric company 4 weeks to hook up the electricity! Hard to move anything over a plank in the middle of January with no heat or lights.

I hope everything works out for you, but if you don't get in and settled before your anniversary, get away for a few days. You're probably going to need a vacation.
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I remember when we bought our house we had terrible living arrangements for the month before closing-I was living with a co-worker during the week and Neil was living at his parents (we worked about 30 miles apart) as our landlady at the time kicked us out as he was giving the house we were renting to her son and wouldn't let us stay!!

I took a weeks vacation right after we closed and my FIL couldn't understand why I was making 2-3 trips (80 miles round trip) miving our stuff from their garage to our new house!

I feel your pain!! So close to having a house finally but something gets in the way.

It will be worth the final delay-remember that!
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Luckily the financial guy is thinking up ways around the delay. He suggested overnighting the documents to where his dad is staying, have him look over and sign them, then send them back overnight. They dont want to wait 2 extra weeks either, I'm sure. They're tired of my emails asking for updates

I've been so tired of the living situation we have, and being able to go into the house we had built is so much fun. Its so exciting to imagine walking through the house in the morning before work, coming home and cooking dinner there at night, exercising in our extra room, picturing the furniture, etc. I'm really hoping that we will be able to be in there before February hits, so we can have our stuff set up and aren't rushing around when we should be enjoying our anniversary and our new house.

I know he has something planned for our anniversary, he's had it planned since right after we got married. I haven't the slightest idea what it is, though he did say it doesnt involve us going anywhere or taking time off work. I have told him though that if we are still living with his parents on our anniversary, we will be taking some time away, preferably until the closing goes through if I have my way!
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I'm so glad they are working with you to get it taken care of. If they can overnight everything to him and not have him present that would be great! If it has to be notarized, I'm sure he can find one wherever he is.

I was so tired of my living situation, but we were only living in MIL's old house with boxes stacked around. For 8 months. I couldn't find anything. I'm sure your's is much more frustrating.

Many being sent to get this worked out so you can move in and enjoy your anniversary!!!
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