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Vibes for Sam's dental please

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Well, it is Sam's dental tomorrow, just about to go and remove his food for the night. Am very nervous about tomorrow, as he will be having his liver and kidneys checked first, we already know his thryoid is a tad high, and so is his heartrate, I am just praying his organs are OK for the anaesthetic, as if it isn't, I will have to let him go. It would be a shame, as he is such a loving little boy, and loves to sit with you, but he can't live with a bad mouth. If he does get through the dental, then we have to decide what to do about his long term future, i.e how we treat his thyroid, and also about rehoming him. He is getting better with other cats, although ironically he hates Jeannie more than most of the cats in the house!!
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that he is well enough for the anesthetic, and that everything goes well.
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Hope Sam's teefers get taken care of
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i hope he'll be okay for his dental
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Many many Prayers and good for Sam
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Good vibes for Sam
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Lots of good and prayers for Sam.
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Fingers crossed they can do his toothy pegs

Goos luck for tomorrow!
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Thanks everyone - had a very fraught day!! Vet rang at 11, they had had a nightmare getting bloods out of him, and his ALT was double what it should be, so the vet asked if I Was willing to take the risk with the dental. I agreed, as the alternative was letting him go, so she put some fluids into him to be on the safe side. he had to have 9 teeth out, so no teeth left at all now, and not willing to eat, so if no better by the time I get home tomorrow, he will have to go back to the vet. He is dribbling a bit of blood and looks very doped - they gave him an extra strong painkiller before leaving to be on the safe side, but it is vitally important he starts to eat, as obviously not eating can make the liver worse. He had put some weight on though, which surprised me as he feels thinner - still underweight though. He isn't allowed his cat milk till the morning.
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Oh, poor little guy I hope he start to eat soon. It must feel pretty weird to suddenly have no teeth.

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Thanks - he has eaten overnight, and had a small amount of breakfast - I have now given him his cat milk laced with Antirobe, so hopefully he will eat the rest of his breakfast after that.
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