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I'm pregnant!!!

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I know I came on to update a while ago, and said I was trying, but got a big fat positive yesterday!! September baby Didn't think I would cos of endo, but whooo I'm so happy!!

I think Minx knew..everyone who knows me here knows my boy cat is for my dh, and my girl cat has always been closer to me, but she's been stalking me!! if i go the loo she follows and scratches the door, if im on the comp she'll now sit next to me the whole time. She has gone from sleeping at the bottom of my bed, to laying next to my belly ( I sleep on my side) and being generally clingy...can cat's pick pregnancy up do you think? She started acting this way about a week ago.

Anyway, are you all well? are you babies well?
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Some hormone levels change, which would change scent - something cats would definitely notice.

Congrats on the good news.
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Congratulations! There must be something in the water.

I think some cats can scent pregnancy. Heck, even my husband could "smell" when I was pregnant. What's funny is my friend knew a week before I did. I thought we had missed the timing and I was just PMSing. Turns out a week before my BFP she saw me at work and remarked to another girl "Meaghan must be pregnant, she looks like " She meant it with love of course... and sure enough, a week later, I was late and got my positive!
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Thank you ladies, aww congrats hun. Didn't realise how much stress was gonna be involved in ttc! the 2ww this time was awful!
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Congrats on the wonderful news.
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That's wonderful, congratulations! And isn't Minxie a sweetheart!
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What amazing news!!!
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YAY!! Congratulations!!!
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absolutely! congratulations!......
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My best friend just had her baby yesterday!

They truly are a blessing.... If you dont mind my asking, how long were you trying to concive... My other best friend has endo as well and has been trying for a while now, and has not had any luck

Any advice for her?
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