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Suddenly speaking..

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I have 3 cats. All from the same litter, about 10 months old. 1 male, 2 females. One of my females is super friendly, the other one (Meaty) will choose when she wants to sit on your lap or sit by herself and she never meows.
I don't let my cats in the basement much, because there's alot of clutter and i just didn't want them getting hurt on anything, well this morning I cleaned and organized the basement, they hung out with me all morning except for Meaty, she sat at the top of the stairs, she never wants to come down.(on occassion I'll let 'em down there to explore..) so today, she sat up there meowing and looking at us downstairs, I picked her up and brought her down, once she was down she seemed to like it and ran about playing and checkin things out. After a few hours, I was done and wanted them to come up, they all came up ok but after I shut the door, she just won't stop meowing at the door to go down. She never meows, she lays by the door and just wants to go down. It's still dusty and dirty down there like any old basement and I just don't like when I don't know what they're doing or what they're up to. Should I just let her go??? Or keep it an occassional thing??? Also the meows are pretty low and long... it's a meow the other 2 don't do. Thanks for any advice!
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If you don't want her down there I would not let her go. Hopefully she will quit the meowing. I am afraid if you allow her to go down she will make a habit of sitting at the door and crying every time she feels she wants to go downstairs and that could be quite often.
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