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Cat's idea of ideal LR decor

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How many of you also have one of these sitting in the middle of the living room? Doesn't it look great?
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Something about boxes
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Here's another:
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awww...what a sweetie!!
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What do you mean one - I have multiples. They also get headbutted around!!!!

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From lasr August, until just before Christmas, I had one of those.
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My in-laws bought a beautiful hand-made, extra-large wicker cat carrier for Jamie. I took the door off, so he could use it as a bed. He used it occasionally as a kitten, and then ignored it for about three years. He now uses it once in a while, because it is currently on top of a kitchen cabinet. Anytime we get something delivered, he immediately wants the cardboard box. The box generally sits in the middle of the living room for about two months, until I get sick of moving it when vacuuming. Then it goes down the cellar, and I replace it with a brown paper shopping bag, until we get another delivery. He has a cat tunnel, a cat tree, several perches, a "rattling cat bag", etc., but there's simply nothing like a good old cardboard carton!
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Too cute!
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I have something like that, but it's in the dining room. I had a box under the dining room table for a long time, too. I finally decided to use it for storing some things. After checking with the cats, of course.
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It's behind the recliner, the box was from a free totebag that came in the mail last week maybe I will clean the house tomorrow...it's only been there a week.
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Right now I have one box, 2 paperbags open on their sides, and 3 plastic bags ( binky loves to jump on them, she likes the crinkly sound), 3-5 bread twisties and countless plastic milk jug rings. And thats not even counting the real cat toys. Its a mess! But Its just me and the cats here so I dont mind.
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Bill buys beer, in 18-packs. He opens them at both ends and leaves them next to the food bowl. The beer boxes make dandy kitty tunnels.
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Hey, I got one of them in my Living room too, and one in the dining room. It took me 4 months to get rid of the box my computer came in, because whenever I tryed to throw it out some one (or 2 or 3) was in it.

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Very cute indeed! Lovely kitty! :

i like your cat tunnel --- beautiful blue!

Can't figure out why the kitties love playing with empty boxes and paper bags... mine go wild and excited over them!

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Boxes huh? My kittens will probably upgrade to those when they grow up a bit. Right now they are in love with cartons. Ya know what I mean. EAch time I empty my 24 pack of coke or drinks out into my fridge the kittens are always there waiting for me to throw "their" new box down. hehe
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