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There is a stray that she has a bad flu, no further tests done because we do not have the means here, just a rural vet.

She's been very sick with this flu, its been for a year now...she's tried ALL antibiotics available here, now (oral and injection) I read that Clamavox is like Augmentin but I do not find any recent posts on people giving it to their cats, is it a good anitbiotic? I would like to suggest it to the vet, maybe this helps her as a last resource... this cat really must hate me, I've been giving her all this pills all the time...

Any advice will be highly appreciated

Thanks !
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Augmentin is a human medication, whereas Clavamox is the cat and dog version. They are very similar but contain diffferent proportions of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. It may be that Clavamox is hard to come by where you are so the vet prescribed the human medicine instead.
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Thanks cloud_shade, she is not taking it yet, the vet does not know about this medicine, I would like to know if someone has been giving it to any cat, and if it is safe, and of course, if they know more-less the dosage, all this to ask my vet about it...
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I have no idea if its ok for cats.
I took it and got very sick from it.
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If she's been sick for a year, she probably has something else going on. I know that my kitty has been 'sick' off and on for the past 9 months or so with upper respiratory-like symptoms, sneezing with nasal discharge, and runny eyes. We had her on different types of meds and nothing kicked it. Finally took her to a different vet who did a culture and found a bacterial infection! I think you should look into some other causes since the antibiotics aren't effective in treating the illness.

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