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Tin Foil

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Well I got all these cat toys, and my cat plays with them somewhat.
But the one toy she really enjoys is a piece of tin foil.

I did notice pieces of tin foil on the ground, from biting on it.
I'm wondering if she maybe swallowing any of it, & whether I should
be concerned about it.

She is kinda becoming a lazy cat, and she just doesn't get too active
over her other toys, but she will go crazy with tin foil sometimes.
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Cat Rule #1: The more expensive a toy is, the less likely cats are to play with it.

If you're seeing the little pieces about chances are good she's swallowing some of it. If it were me, I'd only give it to her when I could keep an eye on her. Most cats will bat their toys around first, then chew on them. Once she settles into chew mode just take it away. One of my boys does that too and we've found that to be a good way to keep him moving without a trip to the vet later!
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How do you give to him to play? I roll it in a very tight little ball so it is much harder to get pieces off. Of course that was before we got our latest dog, he eats anything on the floor
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