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Question regarding Advantage

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I have three cats and advantage is getting expensive. Right now I am using the formula for cats under 9 pounds. None of my cats weight over nine pounds.
I was thinking of using the one for cats over 9 pounds and just splitting the dosage in half. Has anybody done this? How would I go about this since the tubes are not see through? TIA.
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I haven't personally done this, but I've heard of others doing it. You could get a small syringe (like a 1 mL one), draw out the fluid (should be about 0.8 mL), putting 0.4 mL on each cat. You'd probably want to get a syringe with a cap--I know my vet has some as they use them for other medications--so you could store the extra dose for next month.
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There has been past threads where people mention doing this and those with rescue groups or feral caretakers do it. It would be a very good idea to get a scale, a baby scale should work. This way you're not giving too much to a smaller cat.

You should try searching past threads and finding one of the members who does this and pm them.
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I pour the Advantage into a pill container and extract it from there. I do it with a syringe, but Advantage is very caustic to the writing on the syringe and you need to scratch in the measurement lines if you ever plan on using that syringe later.

Make sure you get the weights on your cats before you try this. PM if you want more information. A vet tech once gave me the weight to ml conversion.
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