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Question of the Day - January 13, 2009

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What color​ is the shirt​ you are weari​ng?​

I've got on a white t-shirt and a grey sweater over it.
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husbands housecoat this morning. Dunno what color once I do decide to get dressed.

(mine was downstairs in the dryer and I was woken up because there's bus delays )
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Right now I'm wearing a L.L.Bean flannel night gown..When I do get dressed I'll put on one of my sweat shirts with Siamese cats on it!
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Black and white pattern.
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My shirt today is several colors. It’s a black background with a pattern of lime green, aqua, azure blue and white.

Y'all sound much more comfortable, stupid business casual!
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I'm wearing a black shirt today!
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Right now I'm wearing my housecoat, but in a few minutes I'll be putting on a brown and orange shirt.
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Carcoal grey turtleneck
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Olive green t-shirt, it's going to be about 74 here today, so I may end up in a tank
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I have on a yellow jersey t-shirt, and a purple and yellow hoodie over it.
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Red cable sweater
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Gray.........the boring uniform of the office...
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I'm wearing a brown sweater.
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A blue shirt with a black cardigan over it.
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I'm wearing a blue t-shirt that says Canada in white across the front (olympic shirt) with a brown sweater over top. I am not doing anything today so I am just wearing whatever I saw.
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Since it's still morning and I've been up for only an hour, I'm wearing a long white t-shirt sleepshirt and my long grey robe. And having coffee.
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It's a pajama shirt. It is white and has one of those blinking snowman things on it and says Smile.
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Fruzzy brown turtle neck.
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I'm wearing my royal blue Shelter Volunteer t-shirt. I'm headed off shortly to the shelter. I'll change when I get home, since I'm headed to school this afternoon. Don't know what I'll wear to school today.

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Technically, my shirt is dark blue with white writing. It says NASAR (National Association of Search and Rescue) on the front, and K9 Search and Rescue on the back.

But, no one can see it! I am at work, and must wear business casual (when I feel like following the dress code! ), so the only thing they will see is my white fuzzy sweater. At least it looks good and is comfy!
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a light blue t-shirt
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A red and black sweater -- mostly red at the neck, graduating to mostly black at the bottom.
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chocolate brown - ribbed cotton turtleneck.
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I'm wearing a bright red Huskers hooded sweatshirt.
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I'm wearing a light blue t-shirt over a turquoise long sleeve.
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