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Daily Thread Tuesday Jan 13th!

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Morning my lovelies!

Heading off to work soon..................then I am meeting Josh at the gym for a workout. I MUST clean my apartment tonight, I have been putting it off for a while.

Its not too cold today, but tomorrow will be and then Thurs will be EVEN worse at like -36 as the high (I heard this on the news). Craziness!

So, not much else going on really.........we are almost done the guest list...wow is it ever a daunting task!

Have a great day folks!
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Blah, I definately woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I woke up via hubby waking me up to tell me the buses were delayed. Ok, first off, our kids are old enough, they know what to do..... no need for mom to get involved.

So stumble outta bed, grab his housecoat cuz mine is in the laundry downstairs, look outside wonder why the buses are delayed and think surely people in my house must be mistaken and just wanted to get me up for some reason

Check the computer and sure enough buses are delayed two hours

Bout 10mins after that, hubby calls, buses are cancelled Roads are fine, plowed, sanded, no reason to be cancelled...there's no winter storm warning, nada.


and this is all within 20mins or so of being rudely awakened.

Have a great day folks.
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Good Morning, another bone chilling day...Woke up to all five cats layed out in front of the wood stove..

Not much planned for today..Sitting here watching the birds at the feeders two pair of cardinels are here they are so pretty in the snow that bright red color the males are just pops out at you.

Going to make a pot of brocilli, cheese soup soon. MMmmm.
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Good Morning cat people!

Today our neighbor will be putting the party wall back up so we can start painting the nursery this weekend! Mom is besides herself cause she is going to a smaller room now. It's a good thing I am only have one baby otherwise she would be in the nursery sized room instead.

The cats are extra friendly and alert today. Little do they know the noise will start in a few hours. The birds are going nuts outside so it's keeping them busy in the mean time.
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Well its sunny cold cold this morning. Got about 4" of snow so I had to get out the snowblower this morning after doing some shoveling. Made Neil take the truck as the roads weren't plowed yet and I got to work later so its easier for me.

But it was cold snowblowing I still have a couple of red spots on my face and my thighs are still cold-I thought it was 9F outside and it was really 3F with a -18F wind chill so oops as I should have dressed warmer!!

So just relaxing for a bit before I hop in the shower.

We had a bit of excitement just when I got to work yesterday-I lady hopped the curb with her van and missed hitting the front door of our store by less than a foot!!
I could see the tire tread marks on the sidewalk!! YIKES.

Anyhow I hope today is a little more dull........

Have a good one!
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Good morning. Rainy and actually cold here today. My big excitement for today is going to the Grocery store. . Hope everyone is doing well.
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Morning All!!!

Snowing again today but is suppose to get really cold for the rest of the week.

Heading out to run a few errands soon. Have several stops to make one being the sewing store. I see they have a sale on repentants this week so I think I am going to try my hand at making a quilt top. I use to help my Grandma with them when I was a kid so thought it would be something interesting to try again.

I put a roast of pork out this morning so am trying to decide whether it's going to be pulled pork from the crock pot or roasted pork from the oven.

The kitties of course are watching the continuing feud between the Blue Jays and the Black Squirrels..There was even a raven out there for a bit this morning but everyone disappeared when he showed up. Luckily seeds didn't seem to be his forte although he did seem interested in the suet.

Everyone have a great day
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