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Peeing as a side effect?

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Sebastian is still peeing outside the box. He has had the tests for UTI. He is being treated for hepatitis. They believe he may be in the first stages of cancer.

I was hoping with the antibiotics and liver support he would start using the box 100% of the time again.

He doesn't use just one or two fave spots. He prefers fresh places each time. I hate to worry about anything so minor as carpets when is is ill and feel silly asking. Is there anything I can do to convince him to use the box all the time? At this rate, I am going to have to pay to have the carpet replaced.
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Poor Sebastian! He probably associates the litter box with the pain of the UTI. That's a major reason cats with UTI's quit using the box.

Have you tried Cat Attract litter in the box? Even mixing it half and half with your regular litter can help coax a cat back into using the box.

for Sebastian.
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Ok, this may be off the wall but now I am wondering if liver/abdominal problems will cause inappropriate urination, even without a UTI.
Stomper goes everywhere too, when he has a pancreatitis flare up it gets worse.

My thinking is maybe Seb's liver/abdomen is slightly painful causing him to go outside the box. The liver itself doesn't have nerves in it, however it is covered with a lining, so to speak, that is filled with nerves. When the liver swells or gets inflamed it is painful ( I know from personal experience on this one) It feels like an aching pressure for me on my back and upper abdomen. While not a stabbing pain, it is uncomfortable.

For Sebastian I wonder if this is putting pressure on his bladder making him feel like he has a UTI when he doesn't.

Also he may have cystitis, which would cause bladder spasms and pain, but no UTI. Cosequin does help with this and you can get in inexpensively through Amazon.

Since you have gone through the wringer with Seb in the last few months do you think your vet would be willing to give you a few trial pills of a pain med that might work for Seb just to see if this makes a difference? I mean without making you come in for an office visit etc. Just pick up the meds to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

I say pills but it could be a buphrenex sublingual liquid too. I just don't know which pain meds are safe for a kitty with liver disease.

Continued and for you and Seb

Sending chin scratches and some da Bird playtime for that pretty twister girl too!
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Some cats in pain simply go when and where they feel like it. I've found that Cat Attract litter works the best, along with some encouragement from me to use the litter box. I've gotten my chronic cystitis boy Muddy to go (on demand) when I place him in the litter box. He gets praised and lots of love every time I see him use it, and he likes the attention, so complies.
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