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Which Font Do You Prefer On Your Computer...

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When you're writing a letter or document?

There are several I like, but the one I use the most is the Harrington Solid Italic (I think that's what it's called). It usually depends on what I'm writing - like for example, I've been in the process of making a photo album for my granddaughter, and depending upon what the particular subject is of the page I'm working on, I'll use a particular font. I've been using the Harrington one for the most part.
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Gills Sans... Love it!
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Well if we're not including all the fancy fonts you can d/l for windows, then my general favourite is verdana. It's just nice and tidy, no silly business
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I like Arial and Verdana.
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For general use in documents and correspondence, my very strong preference is CG Omega. On the whole I prefer a sans serif font, and this one is nicely weighted so that it's very clean but not sterile.
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For regular use, I prefer Georgia or Times Roman. I prefer the serif to the sans serif, to me it's easier to tell the l's and i's apart and just generally makes for an easier read.
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well, if i'm not writing for someone else to read, my choice is Papyrus. but it seems to be difficult for some to read - then i choose something ordinary, like Calibri, Comic Sans, or something like that.
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For documents I usually use helvetica. For fancy stuff I prefer some of the scripts as long as they don't have so many curlicues that you can't tell what the letters are.
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I use Comic Sans for pretty much everything because I like that style.
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I use either Georgia or Garamond fonts. Our letterhead at work is done with Garamond so I use that for letters and such at work, and Georgia for all of my instant messaging, email and personal letters because I like the look of it and it is still easy to read.
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I like comic sans myself
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I like Comic Sans too
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Garamond is a very nice, clean serif font... not so cramped-looking as Times, in my opinion. For headings, though, I really love the Copperplates, especially the extended versions.
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I was taught in my communication studies class that the most preferred font for typing business letters is Arial and so ever since, I have used Arial.
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I have a ton of fancy fonts I downloaded, I have a bit of an obsession for fonts. My favorite for letters and documents, though, is a plain old solid block font like Avant Garde . This computer doesn't have that font for some reason, so I use Aharoni which pretty much looks the same.
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I made a mistake when I said I liked the Harringtion font. It's actually called Harlow solid italic: but there's also a Harrington font, which I like a lot, too.

If the document it business-related, than I use something more 'plain'. But I do like the italic & calligraphy fonts a lot too, and mostly use them. I also like using different colors.
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Depending on what I am using it for Comic Sans or Calibri and then Georgia or Garamond
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I tend to use Tahoma for just about everything. My favorite is probably Papyrus, but it's rather difficult to read. I like to use Comic Sans when I'm writing something fun. Another one that I like, but don't use too much is Angelina.
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I like Arial or Times
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I like Garamond. I have limited fonts on this computer, but on my old one I had SO many different ones.
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I'm an Arial girl through and through. I generally skip through things written in Times new roman
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I'm an Arial girl through and through. I generally skip through things written in Times new roman
LOL! You will hate the secretary I work with! She types all her letters in 10 point times new roman and I am constantly correcting the font!
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10 Point TNR! Yes you're right it would make me pull my hair out! LOL

At Weltec we have to use at least 12 point with 1.5 line spacing but the choice of font is ours!
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Century gothic for me!
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