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I'm worried...

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It seems like I'm always posting a problem. But my husband just went off to Basic Training and will be away for a while. I'm worried about my cats, which are very fond of both of us.

When I got back home they were fine, but now they are going to the door and sniffing at it, and my other cat Rocky is whining a lot more. I'm trying to act as normal as possible, because I have been away from my husband for a couple of months due to a job relocation so this isn't too too hard for me, but what about my cats? And how long will it take to have them adjust.

I know that we move a lot, and there are times when my husband will be gone for months at a time. Do they ever get used to it?
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Sounds like they're missing him. Watch them for any changes in behavior and eating/litterbox habits. If something changes, then they should go to the vet. I'm not sure if they ever get used to it, but it will get better. Something else you can do is leave his dirty shirts laying around so they'll smell his scent. I leave my dirty shirts out for our kitties when we travel and they spend much of their time curled up near them, I'm told by our cat sitter.
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My dad's cat is very bonded to him (and only him) and Dad has to travel sometimes for 2-3 weeks for work fairly regularly.

The first time Dad left he panicked and started trying to get out of the house and stopped eating almost completely.

He loves my dad's feet (yes, he's a strange one...) so now Dad takes off his socks before he goes and leaves his dirty socks behind. His kitty carries them around the house and sleeps with them until Dad comes home.

He still doesn't like when Dad leaves but over time he has started tolerating it a lot better.

I hope they adjust soon so you can stop worrying!!!
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Thanks you guys! I have a couple of shirts I told DH to purposely not wash so that they can sleep on them. Apollo slept on the shirt and naps on the shirt when I leave the house. Rocky doesn't do it too much.
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