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New kitten and panleuk question

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Has anyone had a litter of kittens where some died (possibly from panleuk) and some have lived? I adopted a new kitten from a shelter this past Friday. On Sat I received a call that one kitten out of the 6 in the litter died. I was then called 2 days later to be told of another. The vet at the shelter suspects panleuk. The litter were all tested for feluke and aids and tested negative yet they are probably 6-8 weeks old so I know there can be false positives/ negatives. My kitten (Abbigayle) is showing no signs and was at the vet tonight and she has no symptoms. The vet looked up incubation, etc. and it is thought that the virus shows within 7 days of exposure. Both of the other kittens were adopted 1 week ago tomorrow. The other 3, other than my Abbi, are now in foster care and the shelter informed me they are all still in good health. Our thoughts are positive as is our vet's. The next 48 hours probably hold the truth... Can some kittens be exposed and survive?
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I have no idea...but that your kitten remains in good health!
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It is possible - but not very likely. Kittens have weak immune systems. I'd have yours examined by a vet ASAP. I believe there is a test for distemper (panleuk).
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She was already at the vet tonight and shows no signs of the virus. Has anyone else had any experience in litters where this has happened? I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers.
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All experience I've seen - the entire litter dies (and in most cases, the mother, too).
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How is your kitten doing, Stacy?

I've not personally dealt with the situation you describe. I do know the fatality rate is very high among kittens, but I've read that it's not 100%. If it were my kitty, I'd rush it back to the vet at the first hint of trouble or even sooner just to be monitored.
Holding good thoughts for you both.
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Thanks for asking. Abbi still shows no signs of panleuk. I called the shelter today and her 3brothers who are at a foster home are all okay as well. A few more days and I should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. From what the vet said (and through some internet reseach) I learned it usually shows within 7-10 days. They were all given their distemper shot on the 5th so we're guessing it would have been before or right around that date that they could have been exposed. The websites all vary as far as kitten mortality rate-some say it's 60%, some say 90%. I did learn that while it is common that all out of the litter die once exposed, some kittens can somehow be just fine and their immunity to the virus is further strenghtened. I am cautiously optimistic that my new baby girl will be okay. Please think good thoughts and prayers. I will post again to update everyone.
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I hope she will be ok.
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I believe there is a test for distemper (panleuk).
There is but you can't test for it until the animal starts shedding/showing signs of it. By that time it's too late.

I really hope your kitten is going to be okay...
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Abbi update: she is still doing great today and we're past the 48 "watch and wait" mark but by the weekend I'll stop worrying...
Breal76-you are right about the test. The only way to really know is once the kitten shows symptoms the vet will perform a blood test. If the kitten has it, it's white blood count will be affected causing their immune system to be attacked and the body shuts down. But I'm not thinking that way because I have a cute little kitten that runs, plays and is all around looking and acting like any kitten should. It seems she'll be okay...
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I'm so happy for you and Abbi.

Are the other kittens still doing well too?

Keeping my fingers crossed until the weekend.
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Many for your little kitten. We adopted a kitten (close to 4 months) in February from our shelter, and she died within atwo weeks from Panleuk. I hope your kitten does not have it! It is very sad, trying so hard to save your kitten and watching her fade away. If your kitten starts acting lethargic and has any diarrhea/vomiting, get her to your vet for fluid therapy and antibiotics right away!

Hopefully, she will be just fine and you won't need to! for your baby!
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