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I'm sorry...

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...I just think Squeaky is totally adorable, and I can't stop taking pictures I'm happy to report she knows her name and will occasionally come when called She never answered to her previous name (Mitze), so I figure that's quite an accomplishment in a little more than a month.

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Never apologise for taking pics, there is no such thing as too many!! She is gorgeous, love that second pic.
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Agreed - we love piccies here on TCS! What a little doll she is!
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Poor miserable should send her to me!
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She is adorable. You keep taking I'll keep looking!
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Squeaky is to cute! You would be sorry to not share pictures here! Keep sharing, we love to see them!
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No wonder you have to keep taking pics! She is beautiful! She looks quite the character too, the way she is sleeping on the back of the sofa.
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Aw, Squeaky belongs in pics!!
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Thank you for sharing her with us.

Take all the pictures you can. Years from now you will be glad you did.
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She's so adorable! if i were you, I wouldn't be able to stop taking pictures either!! Keep them coming!
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