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Okay.. Fess up!

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I love love love recipe books and magazines.
I had to leave all of my cook books in Europe with my parents, it will be a while before i see them again, but my in laws and hubby spoiled me with a couple of recipe books over Xmas and now I have started a new collection with these magazines (okay there are only three) but this edition comes out once a month! and its soo cheap!
I've already got visions of my new dining room it has to have an enclosed book case so i can store all of my books!

for those of you who have lived in different continents, aren't you bothered that you could use one recipe here but not there and vice versa??

Soo who else is a recipe book hoarder!

p.s i've gotten my mil to like zucchini and my lil brother in law to like veggies!

teehee! Breakfast time! good night for the rest of you
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I'm a cookbook junkie, too. But I've only ever lived in the US, so I can't speak to your other question.
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I have soo many cookbooks too! I have quite a few that are from different places.
Sometimes it is a little tricky since here in the US we dont have some of the same stuff and measurements are in grams and such instead of cups but I make do
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I have a lot of cookbooks too!
I have some from Britain too, and yes, it is annoying having to translate things sometimes. I had to learn onces and pounds when I moved to Canada because they still use that here because of the US.
It's fun looking through the magazines and seeing all the different foods.
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I love to cook, so I have a collection of cookbooks. I recipes I try from magazines, if I like them I put them in Word with my other recipes. If it is one from the web, I send it to myself and save it.

I sometimes review cookbooks for our paper so that sends me into a recipe trying frenzy.

I have some recipes that are in metric but I have a scale that converts and most measuring utensils are in metric, too.
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i have 2 - the family one my mom made us all a few years ago, & the TCS one.
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I have a shelf full of em

I buy specific ones alot, like Crockpot recipes, or Chicken Recipes, or Quick Meals, etc... I prefer that over the ones with all sorts of recipes in it... makes my life easier. If i want to make something with cheese, I pull out the cheese cookbook.

I also have 2 duotangs of recipes cut out and glued onto full sheets of paper, recipes I've printed, etc.

Yup, gots lots.
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I have TONS of cookbooks since i LOVE to cook.

I collect cookbooks from various countries since i love to try different food from around the globe.

AND I have a BINDER full of handwritten recipies I got from my mom, cut out from magazines and newspapers and printed from THE BEST recipie site

sBUT the best book came when my fiance and I moved in together. (he bought his cook book collection too and we made a GIANT collection) Since he went to school for hospitally and resturant mangement he had a book of PROFESSIONAL cooking. Its a cook that shows you how to do EVERYTHING in the kitchen as well as how to do catering. Its AWESOME!!!

Plus its really nice living with a guy who knows his away around the kitchen. our wedding registry is pretty much just stuff we both want for our kitchen!!
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I have several cookbooks, but the problem is that very few of them have ever been used.
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