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Giving Hairball Goop,any suggestions

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I have to give Hoots hair ball stuff. The goopy kind. I put it on her paw but it gets all over her ruff, all over the floor and every where except where its supposed to go. I was thinking of putting it in a syringe and putting it directly in her mouth. Has any one ever tryed this? Any other tricks out there?

She wont eat the hairball in a treat type.
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I have only had luck with this type. My cats love it and actually ask for more!

Hairball Remedy
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You could try mixing it into the wet food or even on the dry. My kitties try to eat each others doses off my finger. Have you tried just squeezing an inch onto your finger and letting her lick it off? I have a few cats the will lick anything put in their face if you are scritching their back... Hope this helps!
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I put it on my kitties noses and they lick it right off..this is what my vet suggested when I had to give it to Rocky...
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I put hairball remedy on Snowball's paw, but I spread it thinly so he won't be able to shake it off easily.
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I also have a cat that doesn't like hairball gels. I've had cats that have gone crazy over the stuff, but with Boomer, I have to rub it into her fur (which ends up on the rug, walls, etc). I'm also looking into alternatives. Here is a site that I just found. Although I'm not into the total holistic thing (I barely have time to cook my own dinner from scratch let alone my kitty's!!), they do have some good ideas. I haven't tried any, but I think I'm going to start with butter first. I'll let you know how it goes.


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Hello, our Kitty BK has to take the hairball medicine in a tube and here is how we (I) give it: First I get the tube of medicine ready by opening it and placing it on the table, then I get BK and put him on the table sitting him with his back to me. I lean over his back and with by left arm pressed against his front legs I use my left hand to open his mouth, then with my right hand I pick up the medicine and squirt the medicine on his tongue. The medicine is so sticky it does not come out of his mouth. I then hold him until he is finished shallowing it. This is how my Vet did it and it works and it is quick and no sticky stuff on the floor or walls.
BK would not eat the treat kind either. He is a very picky eater and likes his food to be in very small round bits. He only eats dry food but my daughter says he also likes tuna with mayo
Good luck, Clara
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My vet told me to put it on the tip of my finger and open the cats mouth and rub it onto the roof of her mouth. That method works really good. All of the medicine gets into the cats mouth and you don't have to worry about it getting her fur sticky.

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