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Top 10 least friendly cat breeds

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I do not agree with this list.
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I don't agree with that list either. I have both Bengal's and Siamese, and I can tell you without a doubt, my little Siamese girl, SunLee is the friendliest cat I've known, 2nd only to my Rainbow Bridge Siamese, Snoopy. Snoopy was the sweetest, and friendliest cat I've ever known. He loved everyone.
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I have had seal point siamese before and they were friendly.
My Coco is half siamese even though she dosent look it and is the nicest cat I ever had.
Cleo is very friendly and she is a sphynx.
The vet told me all the sphynx are friendly when they come in.
I had one vet that hates Bengals and she seemed to hate my sphynx also.
My Meeko is a nice cat but goes nuts at the vets and she is none of these breeds.
Dr Wells loves when the bengals come in.
She said they are friendly.
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I think it is pointless to try to make generalizations about the temperment of any breed. Even if a large percentage of a breed displays a particular temperment here will always be exceptions. From my experience the number of exceptions can be quite large. Sometimes even breeders will directly contradict one another with regards to the their breeds temperment.
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[quote=mews2much;2527251]I do not agree with this list.[/quote]

I have never had one of these so I cannot say but I once saw another list that said Persians were the most reserved and Persi personnaly greets everybody that comes in this house.
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Persians are on the top 10 list for nicest cats.
The link dosent work.
I still do not believe the list.
All the Persians I know are nice.
My Aunts lived to be 22.
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I wonder on what basis they are making these lists? How do you grade friendliness?

Personally I find it HILARIOUS that the Cymric is #4 least friendly and the Manx is #6 most friendly--- in CFA they are the same breed! Guess that LH gene really makes for a bad temperament!
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Nova looks a lot like the ragdoll in that photo of nicest cats. She is pretty nice. She is also very persistent and will vocalize and swat and nip, and do whatever she can think of to get her point across. The link says the males can get up to 15 lbs, Nova is at 12 I think. Could Nova be a ragdoll? I'll never know because she was a stray! Now I've hijacked your thread.
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Its ok go ahead and ask questions.
I would like to know how to they decide what breeds are nice and what are mean.
My manx was mean but she had seizors from the time we got her.
She could be real nice or mean.
She did save my sister when whiskers attacked her.
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I don't have much experience with purebred cats, but we saw a lot of Siamese at the Vet practice where I worked.

Some fit the sterotype of being aloof and mean, but as many were sweet. most of the sweet ones I remember were the old-fashioned apple or round faced Siamese and one giant old Lynx point who had kidney failure unfortuantely but kept hanging in there. Is there a general difference in temperament between the different kinds of point cats?
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I think it just depends on the individual cat. Just like some people are nice and some are not so nice.

I had Scottish folds and they were the sweetest little cats.

I have a bengal who is tempermental when she is picked up. But that is her personality. My vet hates it when she comes to visit.... She is full of spit and vinegar
She has many qualities that make me love her so much!!
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OHHHH PLEASE. Some of the breeds are more reserved around strangers, but to call them "unfriendly" is just plain silly. And I've never met a Sphynx or Siamese that didn't want to have attention and want cuddles with everybody and anybody.

I got to "babysit" a sphynx at a show while the owner was getting another cat out of the cage. She came right to me with no hesitation.

The only one that I will kinda agree to is Korats. We know of at least ONE that should not be anywhere near a show ring or in the show hall - but the owner insists on bringing the poor thing out where he growls, hisses, and upsets the other cats around him.

What is really funny is the Manx is on the top 10 friendly and its longhair counterpart (Cymric) is on the 10 least friendly. And the Burm is on friendly; yet the Bombay (which is Burm based) is on the non-friendly.

Someone doesn't know how to "judge"
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Interesting that the descriptions of most of those "unfriendly" cats included things like ''scared of loud noises" and "reserved around strangers and children" and "could be mistaken for unfriendly". I didn't see anything that came right out and said they were truly unfriendly.
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Sphynx are the most friendliest breed!
Vets love them and Sphynx I know everyone, vets, strangers, family members, dogs, other pets, everyone!
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It is true that Abyssinians are the friendliest breed!

However, I wonder who judged this since I have met nice and not so nice cats for all the breeds!
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
It is true that Abyssinians are the friendliest breed!

However, I wonder who judged this since I have met nice and not so nice cats for all the breeds!
It is very true that abyssinians are the sweetest cats ever in my opinion!! My 2 abys are the very best!!!
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That is a very interesting list. My Wyatt's mother was Tiffany/Chantilly. As far as I was concerned, he was extremely shnuggable, however, if anyone stepped onto the patio, he was under the bed until they left. At the vet's he would hiss, but never tried to bite or scratch. He also adjusted to newcomers rather well, once he'd hissed at them a few times. Aragorn was a mix of Siamese and Abysinnian. His purrsonality was an interesting mix of the two. He displayed the activity level of the Aby, had the almost crossed eyes of the Siamese (green though) but was the absolutely most friendly cat I've ever had. Chandler Ray and Toby are extremely friendly, but Aragorn was even more so. That's the closest I've come to living with any of the breeds. Some of it is breeding and some of it is their environment. My feeling is, as long as they love me, that's all that counts. I don't live with them for anyone else but me!
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I don't know why the negative feelings about the Siamese personality still persist. Even though a lot of people think they are mean and unfriendly they still remain a popular cat. The only generalization made about them that is true for a majority of the Siamese is that they are very talkative and often have a loud voice. There are people who have Siamese who aren't real talkative but with a kitten you can't count on it being one of the ones that isn't.
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I know that Himmys are Persian now but at one time they were a seperate breed. They are a cross way back between Siamese and Persians soooo. If Siamese are unfriendly and Persians are friendly where does that leave my Himmy gilrs This is a silly list
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Maybe someone will like to see what a chicken Sasha is.
She is half Russian Blue.
No Russian Blues on the list though.
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I agree with #1 and #2 on the Friendly list. My Exotics are super friendly!
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Lol, they said in the large paragraph at the beginning of the page that they didn't mean the cats were truly "unfriendly", just -less friendly.

Even so, I don't agree, either. But then again, maybe I've been spoiled with most of my breeders friends raising very sweet cats (except for some Siamese and some Ocicats. But I still love both bredds anyway).
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I don't agree with the list either. Cats are all individuals.
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Bengals are #2??

I don't know, I don't see how my bengals could be any friendlier. I guess anybody can make up a list of anything on the internet and claim expertise.
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