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im not new..but havnt posted in a while!

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and i wanted to come and introduce you to my new addition!

we don't have a name yet, but he is one sweet kitty!

any name ideas? i like unique names
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oh my goodness! What a precious boy You could name him Julius, like Orange Julius
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I don't know what to call him except ADORABLE!!!!
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LOL Funny you say that is Exactly what my roomate said! Orange Julius! That is Funny!

I have been throwing around the name "Hefner" like from Playboy. LOL Cause he is a lady smoocher!
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What a sweetheart
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I just want to that little nosey! I like Orange Julius too (the name and the drink)! Hmmm... Orange Julius...
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If that kitty comes up missing--I had nothing to do with it.....

Adorable! Looks like my Jack!

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Awww he is precious! I like the name Julius too, but I'd go with what seems to suit his personality. Toby is a female but I really thought the name fit her for some reason. I didn't even know it meant "Gift from God" or something similar, and she really is!
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awww Thanks for the Compliments! I really did Miss having a kitty around. And today was his first day out in the house with the dogs.. and is not hissing as much at ALL! And he is running around like a bat out of.. well, you know! He is a crazy Kitty!
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He is a cutie! What about Tang?! Perfect for a little orange, full of beans, kitten! After all, it was sponsored by NASA!
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I'm ready to steal him myself, which is silly since my Toby is very similar, but lots more white! I usually like the unusual too, and can't even figure out how I decided on Toby. Someone said it means "gift from God," and since he is my sunshsine, it truly suits him.
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I had a kitten that looked a whole lot like your new buddy.

We named him "CHAMP"

That would be a great name for the kitty.
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i think i am bouncing between the names Julius and Tang. Those both are fitting Woo

He is Defently becoming Much more active as he is settling in!

One thing... He meows... a LOT! Even when out and about. If me or my hubby go away from him he Screams LOL!

Hubby went to take the dogs out,and he sat at the slidder meowing for him. Silly Kitty!
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I like the name Julius! He's super cute!!!

My kitty with those markings is named Mulder, but that was a theme name to go with my other cat's name. My Mulder is also very clingy but not terribly vocal.
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