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I'm Starving!!!

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oh my, he's wasting away!!!
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Oh, poor thing! Can' bowl...

Hey, looks like you have a belly pic for the calendar contest. (First one.)
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Hummmmm..... looks to me like he's had plenty already! Look at that juicy belly!!!!! Tickle, tickle!!!
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Xander does the same thing, rolling around on the floor. Riley just bites my ankles until I get the food put down.
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Yep, that`s definatley a very emaciated, starving cat Cute belly
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Great pics that poor starving kitty cat
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I can't beleive you don't feed that poor little baby
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neglect neglect!

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That poor kitty hasn't eaten in who knows how long. Starving! Not gonna make it!

Bad Mommy!
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He isn't even the biggest. LoL
Mom has gotten them in the habit that when someone enters the kitchen they get food. It's so hard saying no to that face.
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